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Doro tour in Ukraine

Doro has announced a tour of Ukraine. See the flyer for the dates.
OFFICIAL: "DORO Pesch is a living legend! That the world knows at least since 17 June 2013 as the "Queen of Rock & Metal" in England at the prestigious "Golden Gods Awards" in London's O2 Arena was awarded the first ever "Legends Award".
Highpoint of a now already three decades long lasting career. DORO can look back on a truly unique career in the music business. DORO, ie in figures: gold and platinum awards sold for about 10 million records worldwide, and more than 2,800 live performances on four continents and in 60 countries around the world, 16 studio albums, four DVDs, countless titles pictures in all relevant music magazines million enthusiastic fans around the world.
With 16 years DORO played already in first bands, but the success story started with the foundation of her band Warlock 1982 and the first album Burning The Witches, 1983, the first steps towards an international career, which in 1986 became the first woman on the stage of the legendary "Monsters of Rock "festival at Castle Donnington England led - and 120,000 frenetic fans.
That same year, DORO and Warlock were offered to go with Judas Priest on a world tour. At the point to DORO finally decided to terminate her job as a graphic designer and enter wholeheartedly, heart and soul into the professional music business. On major world tours to DORO earned henceforth be headlining in the US, South America, China, Japan, Australia and Europe a huge following. In Spain and Russia it is now even worshiped as a goddess. You also graduated more Super tours with icons like Ronnie James Dio, the Scorpions or Motörhead.
DORO and Warlock took on a total of four studio albums and managed 1987 Triumph & Agony international breakthrough. Shortly before DORO from Dusseldorf to New York was drawn, where she still lives today. Triumph & Agony sold over three million copies and reached gold & platinum status worldwide. The masterpiece contains among others two mega hits from the songwriter-spring DORO: All We Are and Forever, which are still celebrated today frenetically at every gig.
DORO successor Force Majeur tied seamlessly to the 1989 mega-success of "Triumph & Agony" at, shot right away in 5th place of the German Media Control Charts and reached within just 14 days Gold status.
1990 saw the titled with DORO album, which was produced in LA by none other than KISS mastermind Gene Simmons, who is one of their absolute musical heroes and numerous songs contributed to the album.
True at Heart in 1991 produced by the renowned Barry Beckett (including producer of the Rolling Stones). In the 90s, followed by other outstanding albums as Angels Never Die and Machine to Machine and Pearl Love Me In Black.
The deserved recognition received DORO 1994 when she was named the most important German music award "Echo" for "Artist of the Year". Overall, it has been nominated eight times until today for the ECHO.
In the Czech Republic, meanwhile, won the DORO Spark Magazine title "Sexiest Woman Alive". Calling The Wild set another milestone in 2000, are then but Love Me Forever Alone Again and heard: the first duets DORO ever. Sung with the great Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, with whom she today a long-standing friendship.
Even for the 13-times world champion Regina Halmich maintains DORO a close friendship. Thus arose the same four of their catchment hymns: All We Are, Fight, She's Like Thunder and The Queen.
From her love of animals and a few appearances at charity concert "Rock for Animals", which was performed with the Metal Classic Night Orchestra, was created in 2004 with the idea of ​​producing the successful Classic Diamonds album and the DVD of the same name, which DOROs biggest hits in classical Show robe. Live the fans at Wacken Open Air came to enjoy the Classic Diamonds. There DORO celebrated, accompanied by a 60-piece orchestra, in August 2004 to great acclaim.
In 2006 DORO put her acting talent, as the female lead of the warrior Meha in Luke Gasser's film Anuk - The Path of the Warrior and took her cinema debut. At the same time the film DORO wrote their first film score - Warrior Soul. The title track of the album also served as the film's soundtrack. 2012/13 DORO played again the Meha, when she participated in continuing, Anuk 2, which is celebrating 2014 theatrical release. Speaking of celebrations - on 13 December 2003 celebrated DORO their first big anniversary. For 20-year-olds in Düsseldorf Philips Halle congratulate star guests like Biff Byford, Lemmy and Udo Dirkschneider on stage.
Back in the day, five years later were on 13/12/2008 at the ISS Dome, Dusseldorf, the Scorpions, Tarja Turunen and many other guests with DORO on their stage. The pictures were on this DVD DORO - immortalized 25 Years in Rock. At the same time the end of 2008 the single "Celebrate" Album Fear No Evil developed a hit in Spain where remained "Celebrate" for seven weeks in the top ten. Spain is one of the absolute DORO strongholds. Readers of the largest Spanish metal magazine "Heavy Rock" chose DORO today 17 times (!) As the best of all singers.
Fear No Evil shot in Germany in early 2009 at No. 11th On 13 March 2010, the 2,500th concert, which was also celebrated in the home Dusseldorf followed. In summer 2010, the Metal Queen signed a new record deal with Nuclear Blast, the German premium label when it comes to rock and metal (including Nightwish, Accept).
Their latest album, "Raise Your Fist", also rose in October 2012 straight into the Top 20 a. The album represents a new climax in the life's work of DORO. Because to Raise Your Fist combines the artist not only super stars like Lemmy (duet with the soulful ballad It Still Hurts) and Gus G (guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne) on their album, but creates with the title song, a new anthem of the caliber of All We Are. In addition, the song of freedom DORO dedicated - Human Rights of the human rights organization "Terre des Femmes", whose ambassador DORO since 2009.
The current 2013 is dedicated entirely to the great 30-year-old "throne-anniversary" of the Metal Queen. The ceremonial kick-off at the anniversary concert in front of 80,000 fans on August 2 in Wacken where DORO at the 24th W: O: A is seen for the 5th time as a headliner, followed by an extensive European tour in the fall as well as special anniversary gigs.
The new Doro band consists of Nick Douglas (bass), Johnny Dee (drums), Bas Maas (guitar), Luca Princiotta (guitar, keyboard) and Harrison Young (keyboards).
On top DORO versa on 2 and 3 May 2014 two concert nights again in her hometown Dusseldorf back to the CCD hall with a classical night (2:05:14) and a flat-out rock 'n' roll show with illustrious star guests to celebrate their big anniversary."
DORO Discography:
Burning The Witches (1983)
Hellbound (1985)
True As Steel (1986)
Triumph & Agony (1987)
Force Majeure (1989)
DORO (1990)
Rare Diamonds (1991)
True at Heart (1991)
Angels Never Die (1993)
DORO - Live (1994)
Machine to Machine (1995)
Love Me in Black (1998)
Calling The Wild (2000)
Fight (2003)
Classic Diamonds (2004)
Warrior Soul (2006)
Fear No Evil (2009)
Under My Skin (2012)
Raise Your Fist (2012)
Current Album:
Raise Your Fist (30 Years Anniversary Edition) (2014)
Forever (2003)
Classic Diamonds (2004)
20 Years of Warrior Soul (2007)
DORO - 25 Years of Rock (2010)
DORO - Raise Your Fist In The Air (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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