Monday, August 22, 2016


The long-running death metal squad from Brazil named Coldblood has a new album this year. As it is the tradition of the band, the new album focuses exclusively on no-nonsense, intense death metal for the devoted crowds. Fortunately, the complete new recording is available for listening at the link below. Those that live for total death metal dedication shall be in perfect company. Speak the name of the death metal and it shall appear endlessly.
Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil
Release date: released June 16, 2016
Label: Satanath Records
1. Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil 04:31
2. Tetragrammaton 03:02
3. Darkness Above the Firmament 02:24
4. The Synchrony of the Cursed Star 02:53
5. Cocoon of Neophyte 02:31
6. Demons of Nox 03:54
7. Sulphur 02:56
8. Draco / Pneumatik Phenom 03:17
9. Bury the Universe 03:47
10. Metaphysical Evil 07:21
11. Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil 04:36 instrumental
12. Draco / Pneumatik Phenom 03:16 instrumental
13. Metaphysical Evil 07:19 instrumental
total time 51:47
OFFICIAL: Band formed in January 1992 practicing a fast and aggressive Death Metal influenced by great names in the style of the 80s and 90s, combined with a profane and anti-christian thematic. In September of that year, was recorded the Demo-Tape "Terror Stench" launching Coldblood to concerts nationwide. After a long break the band returns in 2000 to release the Demo-CD "... And It Comes The Winter" and after a few presentations were given another break. In 2005 the band finally returns to release the demo-CD "Reicarnating a New Black God" bringing a Coldblood more brutal, violent and bestial than ever. In 2007 the band released the highly anticipated debut album "Under The Blade I Die "and went on making presentations throughout Brazil and sometimes sharing the stages with bands as Cannibal Corpse, Master, Onslaught, Mayhem, Gräfenstein among others. Following the release of debut album in 2010 the band performed a South American Tour named "UnderThe South American Tour 2010 I Die." in countries as Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. In 2011 was released a Split-CD Coldblood / Luvart - The First demo's and the band continued working on a new release. In celebration of the 20th birthday of the band was released in 2012 the EP "The Other Gods" wich has 5 new sings and brings as a bonus the first 3 demos. Coldblood follows it´s saga preparing a new release scheduled to June of 2013 willing to destroy the Headbanger´s eardrums wich are avid for a Death Metal made by who is acting with dedication to the underground scene for the two last decades.
Coldblood - The Synchrony Of The Cursed Star

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