Thursday, August 11, 2016

Black Death Resurrected coming to Seattle and the West Coast

Vocalist and guitarist Siki Spacek is known for his work with Black Death. Now, we have Black Death Resurrected as an entity descended from Black Death itself and also from the project that was known as Siki Spacek and The Resurrection. The band's Facebook page says that they are: Siki Spacek on vocals and guitar, Vincent Lindsay on guitar, Schwarz Attentater on bass and Christopher Stolle on drums. So far, the band has a demo in 2014, a video in 2015 and a 2015 full-length album called Return of the Iron Messiah.
Side A
1.Return of the Iron Messiah 03:40
2.The Burning River 04:13
3.No Deceit, No Defeat 04:11
4.The Mandrake 07:07
Side B
5.The Last Prophet 05:46
6.Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword 03:52
7.Spiritual Genocide 06:08
8.When the Hammer Falls 05:08
total time 40:05
People in the West Coast will get a chance to see the band live:
Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco, California
Ventura, California
Below you will find some videos of Black Death Resurrected.
Black Death Resurrected -- The Return of the Iron Messiah
Black Death Resurrected

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