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Valhalla is death metal from Brazil. The band’s sound emphasizes to-the-point pounding heaviness for the death metal can’t-get-enoughers crowds. Evil Fills Me is their most recent recording and it accomplishes the mission of uncompromising death metal and you can find the complete recording at the link below. Who they are and what they are all about is explained in the following official information about the band.
OFFICIAL: Led by the former lead singer and founder Andrea Tavares, the Valhalla band began its long and intense journey in mid-1989/1990. Initially there was an unassuming proposal to join friends to a band of death aggressive and heavy metal. The initial step was taken when the sisters Andrea and Adriana mounted at the end of 1988 a band called Phobia. No register sound material and without presenting live, the Phobia is extinguished with the departure of guitarist Adriana. However, the musical taste and the same ideology joined Andrea and her other sister, Alessandra Tavares (guitar), the contract to start the activities of Valhalla, composing music and performing shows.
In early 1992 the band officially register their work with the recording of the first demo-tape, this recording brings back sister Adriana Tavares (guitar) training. In order to progress musically, the band released in 1994 by the now defunct label Sub Way, the LP titled "... In The Darkness of Limb". This record gave greater recognition in the specialized media and the public's respect. However, changing components paralyzed the activities of Valhalla for some time, with the return occurred in 1999, with new compositions and performing some shows. In 2000 occurs a casualty training, when Andrea (lead singer and founder) left the band, leaving because of the guitarists sisters to continue the work started.
Recruiting new components, guitarists can keep active in Valhalla and with the intention to disclose the songs with the new lineup, the band recorded the MCD "For The Might Of Chaos ... For The Force Inside", containing four tracks. This MCD gave several performances alongside renowned bands the world scene, as well as rave reviews in zines, websites and magazines. As a result, the band signed a contract with Hellion Records, releasing in 2001, the main work of its history, the CD Petrean Self, distributed in more than 28 countries. New invitations to national shows and abroad have been received by the band, but the instability in the formation prevented the Valhalla galgasse international paths.
Among the many problems in consolidating the training, find a drummer who was willing to take seriously Valhalla was undoubtedly the greatest. However, in mid-2004/2005, Ariadne enters the band to occupy the post until today. Valhalla then becomes exclusively formed by women, which has never exactly the intention, but a consequence of personal affinities.
Even with the temporary absence of guitarist and founder Alessandra, the Valhalla recorded in 2009, three songs that make up the MCD Innerstorm, with the objective of making the formation of the time and also show that the initial idea prevailed: to death metal.
The lack of commitment to work, with friends or with the proposal made people enter and leave the band, some contributed by adding something musically or building friendships. However, currently the Valhalla follows on his journey and, oblivious to fads, the band remains convinced in its proposal. The adversities caused the band to reorganize with Alessandra return on bass, who also takes the guitar recording. In turn, Ariadne has to take also the vocal.
The Valhalla is now a trio:
Adriana Tavares - guitar;
Ariadne Souza - drums and vocals;
Alessandra Tavares - guitar and bass.
* Valhalla - Demo-tape / 1992;
* "... In the darkness of limb - LP / 1994;
* "For The Might Of Chaos ... For The Force Inside - MCD / 2001;
* Self Petrean - CD / 2002;
* Innerstorm - MCD / 2009;
* Evil fills me - MCD / 2014 and re-released in digipack format in 2016 (with 3 bonus tracks and DVD).
Valhalla - Evil Fills Me (FULL EP/MCD)

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