Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Severed Heaven

Severed Heaven is extreme metal from the U.K. The band easily goes from black metal to death metal to doom metal and back, and they appear hell bent on crossing these genres of extreme metal in their songs. Fortunately, it seems like they prefer to stick to the traditional format of a song: the songs stay between four and six minutes. The result is music for headbanging, as it should be. They began in 2007 and they have a couple of recordings (an EP and an album), judging from the information on Metal Archives, which could be correct or maybe not. They appear to have had a predecessor band called Blood Sundae, which dates back to 2004. At any rate, this summer of 2016 in August they are scheduled to play at the Eradication Open Air festival, according to the information on Facebook.
In terms of history of the band, the following is bit of official information, but it seems like it has not updated for sometime. Regardless, it sheds light on the beginnings of the band: Initially consisting of Lauren 'Satanica' Price (vocals), Leanne Warren (guitars), Vanessa Murray (guitars), Charlotte Bleasdale (bass) and Anna Stewart (drums), Severed Heaven released their debut, self-titled EP. Well received, the release helped to spread the word and the band soon found themselves gigging regularly. An early sign of their increasing notoriety came when they appeared on the BBC show 'Singing With The Enemy', alongside London 'cock rock' band Lethal Fixx.
With the band's gigging schedule getting busier and covering the length and breadth of the country, the next couple of years saw them share stages with the likes of Gallhammer, Gorgoroth, Hecate Enthroned, Sworn Enemy, Hate, Shining and Nemhain, as well as appearing at the Dames Of Darkness festival. Better yet, the band earned a headlining slot on the unsigned stage at Bloodstock Open Air in 2009, and met the occasion with a stellar performance.
In 2010, Severed Heaven's debut full length album, 'Incessant Darkness', was released to excellent critical acclaim, earning a 9/10 review from Queens Of Steel. The album consists of several blistering new tracks, as well as heavier re-recordings of some of the band's earlier material. Following the release of the album, Anna left Severed Heaven's ranks and was replaced by Hayley Morgan (Torture Garden, Daear, Forest Perversions). 2011 was another busy gigging year for the band, and August brought a second lineup change, with Lena Abé (My Dying Bride) replacing Vanessa.

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