Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oxygen Destroyer (Seattle)

It seems like Oxygen Destroyer is making the rounds in the Seattle region. Their name has been showing up in several places and in the process people are becoming more acquainted with the sound of raw brutal thrash. They have two demos that are free/name-your-price. Apparently, they have an unhealthy obsession with Godzilla, which is normal because I have heard that you, too, are devoted to Godzilla glorification. In addition to playing vicious and ugly black thrashing music, they are very fluent in English and they have the qualifications to show it. For instance, one of their songs is called “Subsumed Within the Bowels of the Perennial Monstrosity.” I had to whip out my dusty old dictionary to figure what the title might possibly mean. I’m pretty sure it means that they do not like hipsters and in Seattle there are lot of hipsters, a lot, so Oxygen Destroyer has a big mission in life. Hey, guys, can I please join your I-hate-hipsters club?! We can express our hatred of hipsters together and play a bunch of Nifelheim records. What do you say?

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