Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Open the Nile

Open the Nile is a modern extreme prog band with both growling and blasting elements, on one hand, and prog passages with melodic singing and some virtuoso guitar moments, on the other. They are obviously aware that their music comes across as confusing to some people, which is why they tell everyone to feel free to put them in whatever subgenre. The band is apparently from New York, New York and the music is meant to be a bit adventurous, although it is not that strange, compared to the weird noise postrock hardcore experimental stuff coming out of New York. Open the Nile sounds like modern/younger metal music from the United States in 2016. Open the Nile might make some people uncomfortable at first, but with more listens it may be that the combination of extreme metal, metalcore and prog metal will make more sense for those that dare to stay. What say you? Are you up for it?

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