Monday, July 11, 2016

NEWS: Urobilinemia

Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge
Gore House Productions
July 22nd, 2016
Urobilinemia plays end-of-the-line extreme metal of the brutal/technical variety of growling metal. Expect nothing less than modernity run amok, Japanese style. Buckle up and listen to this ridiculous near-insanity in the form of music. At the link below there is one track available, only one because that is all you are able to handle right now. They're just easing you in. Come back and see them later. There's a whole platter coming up. Click on the link, and the vortex will take you away. WARNING: This band is ridiculous. Do not click on the link if you are a grouch.
OFFICIAL: "Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge" is chock full of penetrating, pit-raging tunes, going off like a bomb from the start, setting the tone for the entire album. Containing plenty of what makes Brutal Death Metal "brutal", whether it is the slamming grooves or the blasting mayhem, its also is fast, catchy, and technical, and never boring, making this a stand out brutal death metal album that appeals to a wide audience. Japanese newcomers UROBILINEMIA have more than earned their way to the GH camp. In under 2 years, this technical yet brutal quintet has not only released a split, but also self-released and distributed their first EP in the vast Japanese metal market. Featuring album art by the grotesque loving painter Mei Maro, "Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge" was recorded / mixed at Urobilinemia's home studio, and received a revamp mastering touch by Chris Garcia of The Morgue Music Studios (Stages of Decomposition, Bloodscribe, Cranial Engorgement) in Inglewood, CA. This EP will also include 4 demo tracks taken from the bands earlier split with ??? (Ayakasi Kagura).

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