Saturday, July 16, 2016

NEWS: SCARBLADE - Point of no Return (Official Track)

OFFICIAL: SCARBLADE is a Greek female fronted Heavy Metal band, founded in May of 2012 in Athens, as RUTHLESS STEEL. Their debut EP titled "Die in the Night" came out in 2013, and included 4 tracks that can be labeled as traditional Heavy Metal, inspired by such classic acts as Judas Priest, Warlock, Riot or Accept. After several live shows and two compilation appearances, in 2015 the band changed its location to Gothenburg, Sweden, and as the line-up changes followed as well, the band changed its name to SCARBLADE. They made video clip on the newest album version of “Die in the Night” with two older members on the guitar and drums. The debut album titled "The Cosmic Wrath", scheduled for release on 13/05/ 2016, has been produced and recorded at the Aspiotis Studio by George Aspiotis, known from cooperation with acts such as WARLORD, SPITFIRE or KING DRAGON.
SCARBLADE - Point of no Return (Official Track) | No Remorse Records

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