Thursday, July 7, 2016

NEWS: Post-Mortem

God with Horns
Release date: February 15th, 2016
Label: Great Dane Records
Post-Mortem is a death metal from France that began in the 1990s. They have a new album in 2016. The entire album is available for listening at the link below.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Long-running French death metal band Post-Mortem have remained relevant since 1995. They've reinvented themselves as very few bands are able to do, and their new material is potent and powerful enough to put the younger ones to shame. With music that bears an undercurrent of thrash while going all-out with chunky death metal pummeling and hooks, Post-Mortem are bound to find appeal in fans of Hour of Penance, Massacre, Vader and Affliction Gate. The music is a mix of old and new, with flashes of innovation littered throughout the hard-hitting album titled 'God with Horns'. Listening to it is an engrossing experience, as you marvel at the contemporary sound that's backed with time-tested songwriting skills and superior riffing. Post-Mortem are here to stay; let the message be known to one and all.
Post-Mortem was founded in Alsace in 1995 by Fabrizio, Sam and Lawrence. Guitarist after several changes, the lineup stabilized in March 1999 with the arrival of Jack on guitar and Manu, ex Behind vocals. Then the practiced style, is a melodic death thrash with various influences (Paradise Lost - Dark Tranquility - Amorphis) and it is in this musical direction comes 1st MCD Group in March 2000 "Mystic Delights" or mingle great rhythmic , melodies, guttural voice, clear voice and violin keys and keyboards. The disc received encouraging reviews but the group already evolving into a more aggressive death. For his many first parts (Yattering - Inhumate - Gojira - Carcariass - Apoplexy - Nostromo ...) the group is reinforced in a more brutal approach. Summer 2001 Post-Mortem returned to the studio to record their 2nd MCD "Mankind Autopsy" in a brutal style US death, more in line has its influences then: Dying Fetus - Cannibal Corpse - Cryptopsy - Six Feet Under as well as hardcore contributions (Nostromo - Pantera) or thrash (Slayer). Critics and chronicles received for the second MCD are very encouraging and Post Mortem makes many concerts in France and abroad seeking to make themselves known and to play to the maximum. In 2004, Manu left the group and sees substitute Sylvain In parallel Jack and Sam join the ranks of Karelia and some time later the group will finally be put to sleep, unable to bear the many activities for everyone ... until early 2012 or inhabited by the lack of metallic fury Manu, Sam, Laurent and Fabrice decided to put the cover, more motivated than ever to the idea of ​​sharing the thick music. Appointment is made on the roads!!

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