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NEWS: Iron Fire

Iron Fire
Among the Dead
Crime Records
Release: 16 September 2016
The long-running metal band Iron Fire (Denmark) is preparing a return to action. They started as power metal, but nowadays, like on this new album, they have arrived at a more muscular, heavier, chugging form of modern metal; there's heavy metal in there, but there's a feeling that they have been listening to what's happening in extreme metal, and they are closer to a modern heavy/thrash band, and the vocals have also gotten rougher and grittier. Regardless of stylistic changes, the band's skill for songwriting is the most important feature and the songs are meant to stick to the listener quickly. It's a pounding, heavy form of songs and the band has taken itself out of the strict category of power metal and has moved into a broader range of modern appeal. This album will not be published for a little while, but at the link below you can hear a preview of what's going on. Actually, it's a very decent preview that is more than 11 minutes long, and it gives the audiences a good idea of the various places to which the album is headed. The preview is a good representation of the 12 songs that have been made available to this publication.
OFFICIAL: Want to Headbang like it’s 1999!? Then IRON FIRE's Among the Dead should be your obvious choice. The new offering from IRON FIRE is as old school as it gets 16 years into the millennium. The 90s spawned a lot of power metal classics, and Among the Dead is made in the spirit of those. Albums like Black in Mind (Rage), The Dark Saga (Iced Earth) and Better Than Raw (Helloween) were all blueprints for the making of Among the Dead. Recorded in Death Island Studio with engineer Marco Angioni and Mixed in Poland's Hertz Studios, heaviness is guaranteed, along with melodic hooks, blistering guitars and pounding power metal drumming. This is no-bullshit metal from the heart, made by Denmarks finest power metal band!
Among The Dead:CD/LP/Cassette
1) Intro (The Lost City)(Only CD/Casette feat.)
2) Among the Dead
3) Hammer of the Gods
4) Tornado of Sickness
5) Higher Ground
6) Iron Eagle
7) Made to Suffer
8) The Last Survivor
9) No Sign of Life
10) Ghost from the Past
11) When the Lights go out
12) For whom the Bell Tolls (Bonus track, only CD/Cassette feat.)
Recorded at: Dead Island Studio (Denmark)By: Marco Angioni
Mixed and Mastered at: Hertz Studio (Poland)By: Wojtek & Slawek
OFFICIAL: Band mastermind Martin Steene lived through quite a few ups and downs during his long musical career. A rosy beginning greeted the young formation as IRON FIRE partnered with cult producer Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Illdisposed) to churn out the band’s debut “Thunderstorm”. The critics raved and the word out on the street was all about IRON FIRE’s promising career. But the higher one soars, the harder one falls, or at least in this case...
One year later, in 2001, the same magazines that praised IRON FIRE turned their backs on the power metal ensemble’s follow-up “On the Edge”. Even the band’s own label seemed disinterested, but things would become worse, before they became better.
Following an amazing concert in Hamburg, Germany, the planned release party fell through and the label announced that they would not be releasing IRON FIRE’s third offering. As for the icing on the cake: The band’s vehicle was towed that evening.
Struck down repeatedly by ill fate, it was only a matter of time before the line-up began to crumble. In the end, the last man standing was none other than a very disappointed Martin Steene, who had no choice but to accept defeat, but began gathering strength to execute his vengeful and conquering comeback.
With “Revenge” (a fitting title in view of the band’s past experiences), Steene projects IRON FIRE’s history into the fantastic world of the warrior Cain, who once double-crossed by his closest friends and allies and now revived by magical forces, takes revenge upon his betrayers. “Revenge” is an epic tale á la “Conan the Barbarian”, told by a band, who obviously knows how to fight back.
With the help of this highly acclaimed third album and the support of a new label, NAPALM RECORDS, Steene and Co. took revenge on all those who doubted the strength of their power metal crusade.
While IRON FIRE never questioned their love of working with metal “clichés”, the success of “Revenge” showed they were on the right track. The resonance from fans and press was overwhelming and Steen and Co. proved to them and all followers of true heavy metal that the band was far from defeat.
After touring with the legendary DEMON, IRON FIRE, now a tight band of brothers united by a sacred vow of faith in Metal, soon began to write new material for their next offering, “Blade of Triumph”.
By teaming up with Frederik Nordström, one of Europe’s most revered producers, the band achieved an immaculate sound, while still delivering heroic power metal complete with heavy guitars, majestic melodies, and in-your-face drumming that paved the way for the unmistakable and charismatic vocals of frontman Martin Steene. This steam hammer of traditional metal albums was sure to appease the youth of steel. And so it did!
In order to take “Blade of Triumph“ on the road, the band embarked on a European Tour in support of U.D.O. and Primal Fear. One of the tour’s highlights was the Christmas Festival in Germany when Iron Fire performed along Saxon, WASP, and Doro.
However, the band did not rest on its laurels and the members focused on writing new material for the upcoming album, which took a darker turn with faster songs and gloomy lyrics. Tommy Hansen’s production efforts also added a rougher and rawer edge to the album’s sound.
“To the Grave” became a celebration for warriors of steel worldwide, who quickly embraced the album. Shortly after the release, the band played selected live gigs and soon began work on their next musical chapter, which was released in October 2010. The album “Metalmorphosized” marked the 10th anniversary of the band and proved to be a power metal opus par excellence!
Martin Steene and his fellow combatants understand how to forge the outstanding power metal seldom heard today. With their latest album "Voyage of the Damned", the Danes deliver metal to the absolute limit. This new collection of songs spills over with genuine riffs, heavy drums, and appealing melodies. The foundation of Iron Fire's unmistakable sound is the tight rhythm section, Martin Steene's vocals, and the many heroic leads. Together they create the new anthems to Iron Fire's tireless power metal crusade. With every note, "Voyage of the Damned" releases the band's fighting spirit and conviction and follows an uncompromising path.

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