Monday, July 4, 2016

NEWS: Internal Suffering

Internal Suffering
Cyclonic Void Of Power
label: Unique Leader
release: 24 June 2016
The ultratotalitarianist brutalextreme blasting death metal alliance known as Internal Suffering now has a new album. This album has been made exclusively for the most dedicated public into the dizzying, fastest nonstop blasting extreme metal possible today. This is not a core/hardcore/deathcore band nor a djent band. This band's style in line with Suffocation and Origin, not core.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Long-running brutal death metallers, INTERNAL SUFFERING, will unleash their long-awaited fifth full-length this June via extreme metal power station, Unique Leader Records. Titled Cyclonic Void Of Power, the scathing new offering was captured at 16th Cellar Studios in Rome (FleshGod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, Hideous Divinity, etc.) by Italian death metal mastermind Stefano Morabito (Eyeconoclast, ex-Hour Of Penance) and delivers ten brand new tracks of the band’s traditionally fast yet chaotic and technical brand of brutality. A concept album divided into three separate chapters, Cyclonic Void Of Power follows the mystical, mythological and magic chaotic universe the band has explored on previous outings but now taken to a far more complex (and cosmic) level.
Spawned in 1996, INTERNAL SUFFERING relocated from their home base in Pereira, Columbia to Madrid, Spain. Notorious for their apocalyptic brand of brutal, blasting, technically proficient death metal, the band’s bestial discography includes four full-lengths: 2000’s Supreme Knowledge Domain (Repulse Records), 2002’s Chaotic Matrix (Displeased Records), 2004’s Choronzonic Force Domination (Displeased Records) and 2006’s Awakening of the Rebel (Unique Leader Records), the last two of which featured the production of extreme metal sound-wizard Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal/ex-Morbid Angel). A maniacal work ethic and thirst to spread their audio peril globally has allowed INTERNAL SUFFERING the opportunity to ransack stages throughout the US, Europe and Asia along the iconic likes of Cannibal Corpse, Sodom, Incantation, Exodus and Origin, among many more. The band has also graced the bills of some of the most important extreme metal festivals in the world including the Maryland Deathfest, Ohio Death Fest, Central Illinois Metal Fest, Extreme Fest, Neurotic Death Fest, Barroselas Metal Fest, Tokyo Death Fest, Bangkok Deathfest, Fuck The Commerce Fest, Obscene Extreme Festival, Bands Battle Fest, and Kaltenbach Open Air Fest as well as an appearance at the massive Rock At The Park. One of the most populated open air fests in Latin America, Rock At The Park draws over 100,000 headbangers annually. In addition, the band made an appearance at Convivencia Rock Fest in South America spreading their sonic sickness to over 30,000 metal fanatics.

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