Saturday, July 9, 2016

NEWS: Diabolizer

Third Eye Temple
Release: 8 July 2016
This is modern, blasting extreme metal from Turkey. To find out more about the band see the link below, where you can hear a teaser of the album. Below is some of the usual, hyperbolic hype and information about the band, which specializes in to-the-point, competent death metal with gruff growling, with sharp riffing, including a good amount of tremolo picking.
OFFICIAL: Third Eye Temple are pleased to announce that they will release Apokalypse by Turkish death metal horde DIABOLIZER on July 8th 2016. The blades are sharpened, the screams of vengeance and death grow louder, and far beneath the pits of Kadiköy's underground, the blackest flames of impurity rise up to the skies. Diabolizer, the daemonic Death Metal entity consisting of members of Decaying Purity, Engulfed, Deggial and Godslaying Hellblast have finished first MCD Apokalypse. Apokalypse offers 5 tracks of relentless death metal containing diabolical skills, unending wrath and worship of destruction. As a bonus, the CD will also contain two tracks from their very limited 2012 promo Shadows Of Impending Decimation. Expect nothing but cruel, punishing and relentless death metal madness!

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