Sunday, July 17, 2016

NEWS: Defiatory - Aeons End (official video)

release date: June 3rd, 2016
label: Black Lion Productions
Check out the video by this thrash band from Sweden. It comes from their 2016 album. The band plays modern thrash and below you can watch the video and learn more about them.
OFFICIAL: Swedish Thrashers DEFIATORY and their debut full length offering "Extinct" is a ruthless riff steamroller, more punishing than any new modern style Thrash outfit around today. A nonstop barrage of eight bruising tracks, that gives one about two seconds to catch your breath between tracks, before you head right back into the maelstrom. This is the kind of album that causes whiplash!
OFFICIAL: Defiatory was formed from the roots of the East Bay Area thrash metal scene. With their straight and heavy riffs they have created a 8 songs, 39 minute long debut album called ”Extinct”. The sound takes you from early Megadeth, Exodus, Metallica to a more modern style of thrash.
After the departure from Aeon, Ronnie started up Defiatory in early 2015. Soon after, Martin Runnzell joined the band to fill the vocal spot. Martins voice caracter was just perfect for this purpose and within a week the band had created their first demo called ”Furor Unleashed”.
After releasing the Furor Unleashed demo, Jon Skäre joined up to fill the drum position.
A new demo was recorded at Garageland Studios during the summer of 2015 called ”Aeons End”. A three song demo that started the whole writing of the debut album.
In august Defiatory started to write songs for what was going to be their debut album and after recruiting lead guitarist Ludvig Johansson(Apostasy, Mesolimbic) and bassplayer Patrik Wall (Apostasy, Crowdburn) the band was complete.
Defiatory will make their first official live performance at House Of Metal on March 4th, opening the 10th anniversary of the festival.
The debut album was recorded at Garageland Studios in Umeå, produced, recoded and mixed by Ronnie Björnström. Mastered by Thomas Johansson at The Panic Room.
Defiatory - Aeons End

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