Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NEWS: Carnage Inc.

Carnage Inc.
Fury Incarnate
Transcending Obscurity Distribution
1 August 2016
This is a thrash band from India. They have new music coming up. Listen to one of the songs at the link below.
OFFICIAL: After Exalter and Armament, Carnage Inc. are the newest thrash metal band on the block and their flair is different. Using local flavour to spice up the sound, this band's music is vibrant, energetic and adrenaline-charged. 'Fury Incarnate' is the band's first foray into the international space and they've got the chops for it, evidently. Each song has its specialty, incorporating influences from punk, crossover and local themes to create an album unlike other, one that's refreshing and not relying too much on the tried-and-tested template. Though undeniably old school, Carnage Inc. breathe new life into the style and show others how it is to be done. Watch out for this band that's bound to leap out and devour the posers.

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