Thursday, July 7, 2016

NEWS: Bloodthirst

Glorious Sinners
Release date: April 8th, 2016
Label: Pagan Records
"Hateful Antichristian Thrash" is how these Polish musicians see themselves. The complete recording is available for listening. Find out more below.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: BLOODTHIRST returns with a mini-album. "Glorious Sinners" contains five brand new tracks following the thrash/black path which the Polish act has paved so far. The lyrics and artwork of Glorious Sinners create a concept about the deceitfulness of the Vatican hierarchy. BLOODTHIRST sound is based on the classical thrash pounding but also widely influenced by black and death metal of the 90s. Over the years they have proven themselves in the metal scene to be one of the most respected Polish black/thrash ensembles. Never part of the pathetic “old-school” hype, always spitting in the face of the modern trend, the four emissaries of hellfire and malice, have trodden their own path of Hateful Antichristian Thrash.
Bloodthirst - Polish black/thrash metal act coming from Goat City - PoznaƄ. Formed over a decade ago after couple of demos & split releases have signed to highly acclaimed Pagan Records and released two full length albums: Let Him Die (2007) and Sanctity Denied (2009). Although the music is based on classical thrash pounding, it is widely influenced by black & death metal of the 90's, which resulted a solid background in the scene. The band shared stage with cult names like Destroyer 666, Nunslaughter as well as most recognizable Polish metal groups.
Never a part of the pathetic “old school” hype as seen today, always spitting in the face of the modern trend, the three emissaries of hellfire and spite have ever since trod their own path of Hateful Antichristian Thrash.
Having solidified the current line-up (Szlecker since 2012 is handling the second axe), holding their heads up high and proudly drinking to the diabolical glory, Bloodthirst are about to release their third album in 2013.

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