Monday, July 18, 2016

interview: Diabolizer

These days Turkey has been in the news a lot, and now Turkey is also in this publication, but for a different reason: Diabolizer, an extreme metal with a new recording called Apokalypse. The official information about the band reveals: “Diabolizer, the daemonic Death Metal entity consisting of members of Decaying Purity, Engulfed, Deggial and Godslaying Hellblast have finished first MCD Apokalypse. Apokalypse offers 5 tracks of relentless death metal containing diabolical skills, unending wrath and worship of destruction. As a bonus, the CD will also contain two tracks from their very limited 2012 promo Shadows Of Impending Decimation. Expect nothing but cruel, punishing and relentless death metal madness!”
Alright then, life is short and wasting time makes no sense, so let’s not waste any more time and find out more the band right now. This interview was answered by their growler Abomination Demonseed. That’s right, that’s his name. You like it, I know it. Listen to the complete new recording at the first link below. Let’s go. Hit it!
Hey, man, what’s on going with life with Diabolizer in 2016 in Turkey? Tell us about your band.
Hails! Diabolizer is from Kadıköy, İstanbul (for those who have a clue: placed at the Asian part of the city). Life in Turkey is pretty nerve-whacking and frustrating, but we're used to coping with that stuff. Good gigs are not frequent and the vast majority of the local metal "scene" is a big joke, but within a smaller scale we have many opportunities to kick butt and commit various levels of indecency.
When did the band start? Who are the members? Who is answering this interview?
Diabolizer was formed in 2012 by Mustafa (guitars) and Aberrant (drums); a short while after that I joined in as a vocalist. The current line-up consists of Mustafa and Ewan on guitars, Altuğ on bass, Aberrant on drums and me on vocals. We have recorded a two-song promo in 2012 and it's included as bonus tracks on our new EP, Apokalypse.
I have been listening to your new recording: Apokalypse. What can you tell us about it?
Apokalypse has recently been released by Third Eye Temple records, and it'll be available at many distros worldwide. Guitars and bass were recorded at Mustafa's place; drums and vocals were recorded at a professional studio ran by a close friend of mine, namely JamSession Studios; and the mastering was done by Ünsal Özata. We promise to deliver sick death metal fit for a neck breaking headbanging session infusing the listener with hatred, rage and maximum evil!
Who writes the songs: one person writing or several working together? What works better?
It's mostly Mustafa composing the songs. As for the other question, I've been in bands of either operation style, both ways can work well, depending on circumstances.
Now, what about your previous recording: Shadows of Impending Decimation? How would describe your previous music in relation to your new tunes?
Our only recording prior to Apokalypse is Shadows of Impending Decimation. The songs belong to the same timeframe with those on the EP, so there's not many stylistic differences.
Can you explain your early days in metal music and getting together?
Most of us have been metalheads since early ages. Mustafa, Aberrant and I have had experiences through various bands (some of which are still active) before we have met together under the banner of Diabolizer. Having had notable experiences both in studio and on the stage, we knew from the start we would be functioning well together, so it was not a big deal. We all know what we want to do and also how to do it, and that's pretty important to do your stuff right.
Any shows planned?
We'll be playing with Persecutory on the 30th of July in Kadıköy. There'll also be a gig in early February with Infernal War. So, we're open for invitations during that long gap haha.
Does your band have opportunities to earn some money from playing shows and selling shirts? Any bands that you like in the scene in Turkey?
I can't say we have made notable cash through music to this day, but money has never been a source of motivation for us. We're driven by the desire to play as sick, evil and repulsively as we can. We aim to play the most devastating and skullcrushing metal and break the limits and boundaries. We find a scikening delight in spitting forth words and notes of evil and destruction. As for the scene, notable bands are, Hellsodomy, Engulfed, Decaying Purity, Persecutory, Deggial, Godslaying Hellblast, Death Ritual, Impuration, Sarinvomit, Burial Invocation, Thrashfire.
What are your lyrics all about and are you happy with them?
I try to create the sickest, vilest, most perverted and Satanic lyrics I can. It's what I have been doing throughout my whole journey in metal. I can say I'm satisfied with my own work so far, but I also know that it can always get better. I thrive to grow up and put out a better effort with each passing song.
Do you think that metal music lyrics should cover certain topics? Are your personal beliefs and your lyrics connected?
What metal has always meant to me is the exaltation of the Devil, atrocities, perversions, destruction and misanthropy. Metal has to preach all that is negative and heinous. My beliefs and worldview have a huge impact on my lyrics, my lyrics are solely based on what I feel or what I envision.
Any last words?!
If anyone who reads has plans to be in S**tstanbul on the 30th of July, there will be a gig along with Persecutory. Don't miss it, since good stuff happens very rarely around here! Thanks for the support, A.M.S.G.

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