Saturday, July 16, 2016

Beyond Your Ritual

Beyond Your Ritual is from Madagascar. Their sound is a combination of thrash and extreme metal in general, with modern crossover-style vocals. Their most recent album is called Beyond Your Ritual (2014) and, according to Metal Archives, it is their third album. At the link below you can listen to the complete recording. They have two other albums, one from 2009 and another one from 2011. Below you will find some official information about the band.
2004: Setra, one of the current guitarists decided to create a metal band. He was accompanied by Heriniaina, at the place of singer, and Frederick, at the bass guitar.
2005: The first songs were emerging, but it was still hard to define what the band style was. Loula became the drummer; Fred decided to take up the guitar and the bass staid without musician. A number of dudes will audition, Mandimby finally taken that place. Alchemy awaited begins to emerge gradually.
2006: This year the band participated in a festival, “New Scene”, where it will be the revelation of the underground metal scene from Antananarivo. The band recorded some time after his first album called “Leaving The Veil”.
2007: Beyond Your Ritual taken the plunge and got down to conquer the dreaded circle of purist metal heads.
2008: The band knew its first changes, Heryfield’s arrival at the microphone and Njaka at the guitar. Beyond Your Ritual continued underground paths that will lead them out of Antananarivo, the festival “Metallocalypse” in Antsirabe.
2009: Crew worked on another album. But it was also the opportunity to spread the message to an audience more open and varied through the Urban Show.
2010: X Core Generation was the event which will mark a milestone the actual existence of SceneCore in Antananarivo. Beyond Your Ritual unveiled the passage of the style from «Thrash-Grindcore" to "Thrash-Melodic Death.» There are also “Road To Rock” and the change of line up. Narindra of Slaid integrated the band at the place of drummer. This will at least give another face to the personality of Beyond Your Ritual. And finally the festival "The Battle Begins" with after which an article on the professionalism of the band has been edited. In parallel, the band recorded and mixed their second album.
2011: Caravane AFT Palai des Sports Mahamasina. Festiv'all Rock Antsahamanitra. Coming out and releasing of A Neo-Genesis. Rock'heure AFT Andavamamba. We also started to write our third album.
2012: First part of Kazar at Le Pub. First part of The Be Bordel Manigance. The Best Of Rock 2.

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