Monday, July 25, 2016

Abske Fides (Brazil)

This is funeral death doom for those times when you got the blues and you want something to drag you deeper into misery. You got the blues and this band is not going to make you feel better.
This band is Napalm Death’s worst nightmare come true.
Even Candlemass’ mastermind Leif Edling would like to give these Brazilians a call: “Howdy, partner. Leif from Candlemass here. Don’t you think y’all taking this whole doom thang a bit too far now, c’mon? Doom is cool and slow is nice and I get that, man, but you guys trippin. Y’all make my band sound happy like The Beatles or something. I got nothing against your music or nothing, but your band is making my band look too happy and cheery, man. I don’t know what to do about it, so I guess, I’m gonna sit back and drink a few cold ones. Maybe that will make me understand your funeral doom a bit better. Alright, alright, talk you at the next rodeo.”
Seriously, do not even think of coming close this music unless you are a certified doom fanatic. I mean, fanatic! Casual listeners are not wanted and they will be turned away at the door.
Apparently, I am not the only one who has been shocked by this band’s approach to doom. Here are a few things that some reviews at Metal Archives have said:
I know doom metal scene is usually neglected, even by metal fans, but what can you expect when you turn on a doom metal album? Well, if you're trying something fast, happy, head-banging, shaking-ground, fist-in-the-face, then you're reading the review of the wrong band...
On the other hand, if you find it interesting when music explores all what is negative, adding drops of sorrow, solitude, sadness, misanthropy, grief, delusion, hopelessly (check the name of the second song) and the likes, then you'll get it right if you listen to this EP.
From the beggining 'til the end, you'll be trapped into a excessively slow catch, mixed with desolated riffs, in the veins of Worship's "last vinyl before doomsday" and Evoken's "Quietus" (only to mention some).
Another reviewer said:
Imagine the doomiest, most morose music you have ever heard. Take that, and multiply it by ten, and that’s what you’ll find on Abske Fides “…Apart of the World”. The album is split into 3 songs, however, it should be taken in as a whole. The album opens with the mostly ambient track “Post Morttum”, which also has a bit of an orchestral vibe too. Next you have “Hopeless Drowned in Silence” which has a bit more of a death metal vibe, but also has an undeniable drone metal element, as does most of this album. And closing the album is the ‘opus’ (if you will) of the album “Creep of the Last Human”, which comes in at a stunning 12 minutes, and is this thing slooooooooowwwwwww. However this is the best song of the album, but that is not a big distinction as the album as a whole is pretty damn good.
Illness Demo 2004
...Apart of the World EP 2006
Disenlightment EP 2009
Abske Fides full-length 2012
Disenlightment / ...Apart from the World compilation 2014
Terra Vazia single 2016
O Sol Fulmina a Terra full-length 2016

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