Tuesday, April 26, 2016

review: Metal Church

review by Jojo from Fuglymaniacs
Metal Church - XI (Rat Pak Records / 2016)
Ever left a band for dead? You know they are done no matter how they spin their new line-up. How they tell you that they were inspired on this release and it felt like ol' times. NO? really? We do it all the time. After a while you just move on ...Ok, so where are we heading with this?
One band that we were done with is Metal Church. As of 1999 they haven't peak our interest in over a decade. Yes, we know that they have put albums out. But we just didn't care. We figure let's see METAL CHURCH 2016 is? Mike Howe (vocals) Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar) Jeff Plate (drums) Steve Unger (bass) Rick VanZandt (guitar) Looks like the KVP to us, but Mike Howe is well regarded around this fugly complex so lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Now, we are very familiar with Jeff's drumming and he's a capable guy.
Metal Church - XI is a big surprise to us. This thing sounds very organic. The production is excellent. Howe sounds amazing, YES, amazing! What the hell is going here?? They are rocking out on XI. Jeff drumming is precise and solid he's finally puttin' his big boy pants on! Way to go, Jeff. Steve Unger sounds great front and center with Jeff right next to him on "Needle & Suture" that riffing ...love it. Also "Killing Your Time" "Reset" "No Tomorrow" "Soul Eating Machine" are great. Howe has a second layer doing backing vocals on 'No Tomorrow' and he sound fantastic! Slower songs are "Shadow" Steve is anchoring this song. "Signal Path" "Sky Falls In" midtempo songs but solid rock.
Well, there you have it. Metal Church - XI demands a "reset" in your metal discography. This is a must have in 2016. What a great unexpected surprise. This thing rocks!

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