Friday, April 29, 2016

NEWS: Sinphobia

Bakerteam Records
Release: 26 February 2016
Below you will find a video from groove/extreme metal band Sinphobia from Italy. Their new album is already out. See this official info and bio to find out more about them.
“Assault Your Fears!” is the “motto” that identifies Sinphobia, a band whose message is quite simple: fear, in all its forms, is the biggest limitation of mankind and needs to be overcome. In other words, people need to become masters of their own existence. The word "Sinphobia" combines two other words, "Phobia" ("Fear") and "Sin", the latter incorporating a double meaning, "without" ("sine" in Latin) and "with" (originating from Greek). Musically, Sinphobia can easily be described as a mix of modern American Death Metal and old school European Thrash Metal, and they do it on their own terms, with the right dose of energy, groove and captivating live performances. ‘Awaken’, Sinphobia's debut album, was released on February 26th and will be available in digital format only.
BIOGRAPHY: The first embryo of the project dates back about to 2003 from ideas and compositions of the guitar player Vain, but the stage is reached only from the beginning of 2009. A year later, with the arrival of Alessandro 'Darkoniglio' on the bass guitar, the band is nally able to take their rst steps even outside of their city (Verona) until some experience in foreign countries. With the entry of Cristian 'Conso' on vocals, a couple of years later, nally arrived that ‘extra’ that had been lacking before. Recently, the line up was completed with Francesco 'Falsi’ on drums and now Sinphobia are ready to continue the path, even more aggressive. ’Assault your Fears!!’ is the ‘motto’ wherewith the band is usual to sign itself and it’s the common thread between music, text and scene. The message is that Fear in all its forms is the only real bridle, so the band encourages all its listeners to face it and overcome it once and for all, to become masters of their own existence. Inside this concept comes also the name of the band which takes shape between the oldest languages of mankind, where fear PHOBIA is preceded by SIN, word by double meaning: the Latin ‘without’ (from 'sine') contrasted by the greek 'with 'or' set of’. The impact sound is a mixture of modern American death and old school thrash metal, with a typically Sinphobia’s taste which fuses energy and groove to give high involvement live performances.
Sinphobia - "Guilty of Downfall" Bakerteam Records

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