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NEWS: Interment

Scent of the Buried
Dark Descent
Release: 1 April 2016
What a history this band has! It’s classic-style death metal from Sweden, but here’s the catch: the origins of the band reach back to 1988 and the early days of the sound known as “Swedish death metal.” There is a lot more going in the story of the band, but fortunately they have an excellent biography that explains who they are, where they come from and where this rotten death metal is going. The band’s new album sounds exactly as you would expect it to be: loyal to the bone, maniac to the heart. It’s time to find out more about the band now. This is the official information about them.
Swedish chainsaw-cadavers INTERMENT once again unravel the hellish mausoleum with the group’s latest scorcher Scent Of The Buried! Six years and a few line-up changes later, INTERMENT came back more savage than ever at the peak of the current Swedish Death Metal scene, with hints of the band showing maturity and dynamism but without ever losing their integrity as a no-holds-barred primal beast. In murderous HM-2 SweDeathmachine we trust.
Recorded and mixed by the legendary Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studio, Stockholm (Nihilist, Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Desultory, etc) and mastering duties handled by Demonical frontman Sverker ‘Widda’ Widgren at Wing Studios (Diabolical, Demonical, Centinex, Nidsang, Setherial, etc). Featuring the extremely frightful artwork of Juanjo Castellano (Portrait, Revel In Flesh, Avulsed, etc).
Formed in 1988 and formerly know as Beyond, INTERMENT is considered as an underground cult act among the Swedish Death Metal community. After the dissolution of INTERMENT, all the band members went on to form and play in other bands such as Uncanny, Centinex, Regurgitate, Dellamorte, Moondark, etc. Ex-Katatonia bassman Mattias Norrman was also previously in INTERMENT. Scent Of The Buried marks INTERMENT’s sophomore album in their 28-year existence! The mastering for Scent Of The Buried was handled by Demonical frontman Sverker ‘Widda’ Widgren. The artwork for Scent Of The Buried was hand-drawn by Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano, whose past works include Portrait, Revel In Flesh, Avulsed, etc.
BIOGRAPHY: Interment started under the name Beyond during the autumn 1988 and released a rehearsal demo called "Birth of the Dead" in the summer 1990. The line-up was Dan Larsson (vocals), Johan Jansson (guitar), John Forsberg (guitar), Tomas Änstgård (bass) and Sonny Svedlund (drums).
Beyond played some shows and spread their name until the autumn 1990 when a line-up change took place. Dan and Tomas left the band, which resulted in Johan taking care of both the vocals and guitar and Michael Gunnarsson joining as the new bass player. After this line-up change the band felt it was time for a new beginning and therefore changed their name to Interment.
In February 1991 Interment entered the famous Sunlight Studios in Stockholm to record their first real demo tape, "Where Death Will Increase". The legendary engineer Tomas Skogsberg did a splendid job and the demo was spread around gaining very good reviews and reactions. By the end of the year it was time again for a line-up change. Kennet Englund became the new drummer as Sonny had decided to leave the band.
In May 1992 a music video was made for the track "Infestering Flesh". The recording of the clip was a project and collaboration between the local youth centre Musikhuset and the ABF association. Despite a non-existing recording budget and lack of experience the video won a price in a local competition.
In June the same year Interment had again booked time at Sunlight Studios in order to nail down the "Forward to the Unknown" demo tape. However due to double-bookings and some other last minute issues the band decided instead to work with engineer Dan Swanö at his Gorysound Studio. The new tracks presented a faster band with an even more down tuned guitar sound.
In 1993 Interment started to fall apart due to various reasons. The band did rehearse occasionally and worked on new material but it was quite clear that the spark was gone. Still, the band finished the new songs by early 1994 and decided to do a last recording, "The Final Chapter".
Once again Interment entered Gorysound/Unisound Studios. John couldn't take part in the recording so Johan was solely responsible for the guitar work and as this claimed full concentration, Jens Törnroos was asked to do the vocals.
After the recording the band split up and the members continued to concentrate on all their other bands and projects. Johan played in Uncurbed together with Michael and in Moondark - which later became Dellamorte - together with Kennet. Michael, Kennet and Johan were also involved in a grind/gore project called Pyosisfied. John was active in several projects such as Astma and Morgue.
Then in the spring 2002 Johan wanted to unite Interment again for a recording of the old songs but also some new material. The other members were excited so the band started to rehearse again and planned a new release. Some years went by without any action worth mentioning. In March 2006 Mattias "Cryptan" Norrman became the new bassist as Michael had decided to step aside.
Around the same time Interment were offered a deal by US-based Conqueror of Thorn Records who wanted to release some material. The band agreed to release the old demo tapes as a demography CD but also to record some new tracks for a split CD with Funebrarum. During April and May 2006 Interment recorded 5 new tracks at the Black Lounge Studio together with engineer Jonas Kjellgren and these tunes were then released in January 2007 as the "Conjuration of the Sepulchral" split CD.
The first show in 15 years took place in Stockholm in January 2007 when Interment shared the stage with Grotesque and Nirvana 2002 at the release party of the now already legendary book "Swedish Death Metal" by Daniel Ekeroth. A few months later Mattias decided to leave the band due to time issues, which resulted in Martin Schulman being recruited as the new bassist. In August 2007 Interment played at the Party San Open Air in Germany, which also was the bands first ever, show abroad. In early 2008 a deal was made with Pulverised Records from Singapore.
Interment did two gigs during 2009. The first was on Thunders Over Miriquidi festival in Germany together with bands like: Death SS, Törr, Minotaur, Tormented, Tribulation, Excruciate etc... The second gig was in December at The Cave in Sundbyberg, Sweden together with Carnal Forge and Scaar. The long waited "Where Death Will Increase" discography CD/LP was finally released Jan/Feb 2010 as collaboration between the US-based labels Morbid Wrath and Necroharmonic Production.
In January 2010 Interment entered the Erebus Odora studio and recorded their first full-lenght ever with Peter Bjärgö. The title of the album is "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" and was released on CD by Pulverised Records 2nd August in Europe and 31st August in USA. The limited LP version was released by Cyclone Empire in August.
Interment supported Nachtmystium(US) and Jarboe(US) at Musikhuset, Gävle in the beginning of April. Other support bands were In Mourning, Ascend Upon Ashes and Corrosive Carcass. Later same month we played at "Stockholm Metal Walborg" together with Human Desolation, Circle Of Chaos, Scourge, Demonical and Spazmosity.
In Nov/Dec we did our very first European tour called "Black Steel Worship" together with Urn (FIN) and Diabolical. Due to some reasons John and Kennet couldn’t join the tour, therefore we have Perra Karlsson (Nominon, ex-In Aeternum etc) filling in behind the drums and Toob Brynedal (ex-Insision, ex-Genocrush Ferox) on the second axe. They did a tremendous job on stage, eternal thanx dudes! It was a killer tour that always will be remembered!!
In 2011 we did some gigs and a bunch of festivals. First one was The Pentagram Fest(ESP) in February then Protzen Open Air(GER) in June, Obscene Extreme(CZE), In Flammen(GER) and Hammer Open Air(FIN) in July and Summer Breeze(GER) in August. We played two times in Stockholm, at KGB in April w/ Repuked and at Debaser w/ Dr Living Dead and Guilty in September.
In year 2012 we we're booked for Maryland Deathfest(USA) in May but we have to cancel our appearance due to one members family issues during the time of the fest. In the end of August we played at Kill-town Deathfest in Copenhagen(DK). Other bands on the bill were Sadistic Intent, Corpsessed, Necros Christos, Morbus Chron etc. In the beginning of September we played at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg(SWE) with Rust and Dishonourable Discharge. The last gig of the year was with Spasmodic in December at Kings Arms in Falun(SWE).
We decided to let Torbjörn "Toob" Brynedal, who have been live-session guitarist with us since the "Black Steel Worship European Tour" with Urn and Diabolical we did in Nov/Dec 2010 until 2012, to become a permanent member. John Forsberg who has been invisible on stage with us since April 2010, unfortunately didn't have the time with Interment and wanted to spend more time with his family with fully respect. In March 2013 we entered the crypts of Erebus Odora studio again with Peter Bjärgö and recorded four new songs and one oldie for a couple of split EP's. In May the "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" was re-released by Black Vomit Records(UK) and in the end of July, three of the recorded songs were released as a split 12" with Brutally Deceased(CZE) by Doomentia Records. In the beginning of August we played at Gamrocken in Ludvika w/ Demonical, Disrupted, Ikon, Tormention etc. A promotional video for the track "Faces Of Death" was released on YouTube made by our friend Costin Chioreanu at Twilight13media.
After 6 years with Interment Martin Schulman decided to leave the band. The reasons were that he was too busy with his mainband Demonical and his booking agency Dreamtide Music so the time for Interment was not enough. Martin’s statement: "I have decided to step down from the bassist position in Interment due to time related issues. In a way it sucks but thinks this is the best solution for all parties. I wish the guys best of luck for the future". Luckily we found an old good friend of us, Allan Lundholm (ex Circle of Chaos, Convulsion & Mortum) who joined us on bass!
Interment created a Bandcamp site. The split EP with Brutally Deceased was released on CD by Doomentia Records in early November. Interment played in France for the first time ever at the Wolfthrone Festival in Paris w/ Deströyer 666, Demigod, Disma, Convulse, Dead Congregation among others. It was easily one of our best shows, what a killer support!
Enter the eternal fire...

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