Friday, April 1, 2016

NEWS: Inherit Disease

Inherit Disease
Unique Leader Records
release: 8 April 2016
In the world of modern ultra death metal the arms race continues. There's no rest for the wicked bunch known as Inherit Disease. They are ready like Olympians train to take on everyone. Enter the realm of brutality. You'll be thinking to yourself that this could be heaven or this could be hell. Make yourself comfortable, if you want brutality. Go the Facebook page to get a taste of what's about to come down the pipeline. Below is some official information so that you get an idea of how bumpy this ride will be.
Ventura, California-based technical death metal unit, INHERIT DISEASE, will release their third full-length on April 8 via Unique Leader Records. Titled Ephemeral, the follow-up to 2010’s seminal Visceral Transcendence was tracked at Seahorse Sound Studios by Samur Khouja (Condemned, Arkaik, Flesh Consumed) and will feature mixing/mastering by Sasha Borovykh (Epicardiectomy, Cerebral Effusion) from Tsun Tsun Productions. Once again adorned with the stunningly disturbing cover creation of Yang Guang, Ephemeral will explore the realms of our dark future.
Forged in 2002, INHERIT DISEASE have spent the last thirteen years perfecting their style of straight forward, yet original, innovative brutal death metal. Various lineup changes over the years have attributed to the band’s artistic growth, though the band solidified their cast adding second guitarist Tom Wilson in 2012 to promote more diverse song writing structures and to enhance the intensity of their live shows.

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