Friday, April 8, 2016

NEWS: Horrified

Of Despair
release date: March 25th, 2016
label: Stormspell Records
Horrified is "melancholic death metal" from the U.K. Listen to the album at the link below. The official information below explains a bit the band's history before this new album.
Horrified started as a studio project largely handled by Dan Alderson, who enlisted the talents of Sam Butterfield for vocal duties and Lee Higgins as co producer for the three track demo "Carcinogenic Feasting" which was released by local DIY label Tombs in the Valley Productions in February 2013. The release was also digitally distributed by Torn Flesh Records.
In the dying months of 2013, Horrified burst onto the live circuit at Byker Grave Festival, the band's first live offering. Dan Alderson stepping up to vocal duties and other musicians from other established acts from the North East completing the bands first full line up.
In 2014 the band recorded their debut full length album "Descent Into Putridity" through the months of February to April. During this time the band caught the attention of Memento Mori records, securing a deal for the album to be released via the label in October 2014.
Descent Into Putridity, only the band's debut album. Secured a vast amount of positive press with its set of passionate and well crafted songs of traditional death metal. From the start of 2015, Horrified have further cemented their reputation as a serious name in the underground with intense live performances up and down the UK and on an international scale. Horrified are currently hard at work recording a follow up to 'Descent Into Putridity' taking their sound forward into new melodic and epic heights, striving to create a more unique and adventurous sound.

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