Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Losna (Brazil)
Below you will find official information about this thrash band from Brazil. Don't forget to check out their page to begin hearing their music, too.
Formed by the sisters Débora and Fernanda, the Thrash Metal band LOSNA, has been distilling its bitter poison effectively since 2004. Year that also saw the release of its demo 'Bitter Flavors'. The band spreads anger and violence, through sharp riffs, speed crazy Bass, destructive and heavy drumming, allied to howled vocals. We can say that the band's style fits in the mix of Thrash Metal, Death Metal and 'Old School' HardCore.
The band went through several formations over the years and took on the new drummer Marcelo the stabilization of the team, who added more aggression to the instruments of the sisters. With stability came the release of the debut album 'Wild Hallucination's in 2007. Along with the release of the work the band also released video clips for the songs 'Grotesque Life' and 'Slowness'.
The year 2011 celebrates the release of the band's second album, 'Distilling spirits', more mature and focused, this album.represents everything the band believes, the characteristic instrumental and the lyrics full of indignation and irony, as always, the trio writes about what they see, feel and suffer.
It was recently released the album 'Another Ophidian Extravaganza'. Like his previous work, the title said that we are in front of an album, sarcastic, furious, and the group style . "Prepare for the attack!".
In addition to the demos and albums, the band participated in various compilations and collections: Rock Soldiers vol 10 and vol 12, Thundergod Zine Compilation vol II, Atrito and Saudosismo Subterrâneo.
LOSNA been distilling its bitter sound since 2004. The band spread rage and violence through cutting riffs, crazed Bass, destructive drums and howled vocals! We can say that the sound is a crossover of Thrash Metal, Old School Hard Core and pinches of Death Metal.
With the creative and acid energy of the sisters, be sure, this band is heading for victory!

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