Thursday, April 14, 2016


AfterGod is symphonic folk metal from Italy. Hear the music below and check out the official information.
AfterGod were founded in 2008 by Thomas Gualtieri (keyboards) and Stefano J.C. Correale (guitar), who wanted to form a new band after the dissolution of their former one. The first line-up included bass (the role was immediately assigned to Marzio Morganti), keyboards, guitar, drums and male vocals. The band scored moderate success, especially with the victory at the fourth musical contest "Bellaria Rock Festival" and in many other concerts between Riccione and Cesena. In November 2009, Virginia Baldini joins AfterGod, an event that allows the band to rework its sound and repertoire by referring it to the dualism between male voice (growl and scream) and female voice (classical and modern). Despite the continous changes in its line up, the band performed on several occasions at pubs and for events in spring and summer. Meanwhile, the absence of a male voice had forced the group to review its repertoire emphasizing the role of the female voice. Between 2012 and 2013 the band AfterGod suspended the performances to devote entirely to the recording of a four-track CD, titled "The Honourable Way". "The Honourable Way" was recorded with the special guest Leonardo Dalla Via, vocalist of the folk metal band Vallorch. This year the band, supported by the young and capable drummer Yann Gualtieri, returns on the scene, determined to promote and engage with even more passion in its music. In September 2014, after a few variations in the line-up, AfterGod are back in the scene with the new singer Gaia Dondi, Michele Giovannetti and Marzio as vocalists.

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