Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wormed (review by Akerblogger)

Wormed - Krighsu
Brutal Super-Sonic Cataclysm: Wormed - Krighsu (2016)
Krighsu is the album I expected, and I expected a hugely brutal super-sonic cataclysmic cacophony or barely distinguishable vocals, inhuman drumming, irregular rhythms and weird deep-space ambiance. This album ticks all these boxes. Compared with their last album Exodromos, Krighsu feels more atmospheric and imaginative; the typically unforgiving instrumental sections are bookended by eerie ambiance and industrial sounding electronics. Occasionally these more eccentric moments breakthrough mid-song.
Most importantly, the crushing technicality is just as engrossing and powerful as expected - riffs chug along with the force of planets smashing together, the bass throngs and creaks with almost maniacal aggression and the drums are machine-like and incessant; most interesting is the moments between complete annihilation where unorthodox tenderness creeps in through int he form textured guitar lines and moments of respite. There are odd moments of harmony and softness, barely audible beneath the sonic maelstrom, that really gives the album an interesting dynamic. I personally love the vocals, they are tuneless, certainly inhuman - the sound of metal colliding with metal, a low grating whirl lacking any harmony; they're perfect for the album.
Wormed combine the ultra sterility of tech-death with the putrid barbarity of 90's brutal death and contemporary atmospheric death; Wormed manage to merge these seemingly opposing approaches with ease and the bands incredible musicianship allows for this. Krighsu is a heavy and intelligent album that satisfies my need for completely hopeless, crushing and challenging music.
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