Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kaos Reign (review by Jojo)

Kaos Reign - Screaming For Salvation 2016 (Skumbagh Records)
(review by Jojo from Fuglymaniacs)
This week we got a email with a link to a band Kaos Reign. They were gracious enough to send us the entire release. Least we can do is give them our two fugly cents. Not that anybody cares. 'Southern Connecticut, Kaos Rei gn is here to assault your senses with their unique mixture of death, doom and thrash' they claim on their promo. Connecticut? We thought well Fates Warning comes that state & Leige Lord too and they had Joe Comeau which we dig. Kaos Reign comes out of the gate with strong vocals, Bill has a good range from shouting to growling and even channeling a bit of Martin van Drunen. Yep, just a sprinkle. The thick riffs and different arrangements make for an interesting mix. we like Kill The Messenger, Storyteller, Rejection Letter. To name a few....
Chris Anderson is a fuglymaniac on drum that smashes the symbols like he wants to make guacamole with them. We enjoy this cd for the most part it does however show signs of shortcomings. Most are obvious. While we appreciate the time and effort that goes into this DIY project this being their second release maybe a professional touch would of been worth the money. Screaming For Salvation is a two man project and it shows. The bass is nowhere to be found. We played it in the car blasting. No luck!. Bluetooth speaker, nope! headphones on pc. Nada! Also this recording sounds like in some songs it has drum machine? The real drumming however is great, Chris Anderson really works his tail off. Great job Chris! There are no face melting, ball crushing, hell raising shredding? there are obvious holes where those licks would kick ass. In conclusion their hard work pays off with a crushing release that can stir the mosh pit. Catch 'em live these tracks are built for some live- friendly, violent fun. Don't take our word for it ...get it! Enjoy.

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