Saturday, March 26, 2016

free thrash album: Vocífera (Brazil)

Evil Thoughts
Release date: March 15th, 2016
label: independent
This is very good news for thrash zealots. It’s a new album from Vocífera and it’s free/name-your-price at Bandcamp. The band has been active for several years and they finally have the new album ready. As if that were not enough, at this price, love-it-all devoted thrashers now have zero excuses left to get into the pit.
Evil Thoughts is the first full-length of Vocifera and comes with weight and overwhelming riffs, which show the evolution of the band. With a destructive sound, it have a clear influence from Death and Thrash Metal. This is a conceptual album, the letters talk about fears and darkest desires of the human being and a critical to today's world. Evil Thoughts is a punch in the face.
Fury, begins by the name. Vocifera comes from “Vociferate”- scream, exclaim. And all this rage becomes a heavy and aggressive sound that give rise to this metal band formed in 2011 in Recife / BRAZIL. To compose this destructive sound, Vocifera runs though many schools of metal to, with marked influences of Death and Thrash Metal. Powerfull riffs that transmite the aggressiveness necessary to guide the lyrics that dive in human’s fear, ambitions and desires. Despite the short time on the road, the band is already considered by specialized blogs and sites, a grate underground revelation. The work done by Vocífera has earned your presence at festivals like Matanza Fest, which shared the stage with the Matanza (SP), a presentation in acclaimed April pro Rock Festival, next to the icons of the metal world: Krisiun and Sodom, in Sertão in Rock Festival beside Ratos de Porão and recently in Hellcifest Festival, opening for Testament and Cannibal Corpse. In 2016 will be released the much awaited new albun, Evil Thoughts, which comes loaded weight and crushing riffs, which show the evolution of the band. This is Vocifera, a furious breathtaking band, that you need to face.
Some influences: Obituary, Benediction, Venom, Cripper, Dracena, Toxic Holocaust, Destruction, Testament, Arch Enemy, Korzus, Violator, Kreator, Death, Holy Moses, Malsain, Bywar, Sacrilege, Izegrim, Suffocation...

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