Saturday, February 27, 2016

Split Heaven

Split Heaven
Death Rider
label: Pure Steel Records
release: March 25th 2016
What does Split Heaven mean? It means traditional heavy metal headbanging glory that’s what! Plus, if you keep up with traditional heavy metal from here in the Seattle area, then you know that the band Skelator are guardians of the flame. As a merciful fate would have it, Split Heaven’s vocalist is none other than Jason Conde-Houston, the banshee screamer for Skelator, which is great because both bands share the same values as they are old cerveza-drinking bandidos of heavy metal and loyalists to the tradition with a passion that is huge, huge I tell you.
Who are you? Are you traditional heavy metal? If you are not, do you want to find out? Whether you are young and just getting started, or young at heart and a walking library of the knowledge of traditional heavy metal, Split Heaven is for those that want to raise a fist in the air or bang their heads or mosh or do some real metal foot tapping at the office, this band is making metal and proudly keeping the tradition alive.
What does Split Heaven really want? The sound of guitars that sing, the riffs that you can remember, the drumming that make you react, the songs that you’ll want to hear again and again and the sound that will make you sing in the shower or in your bedroom where you can be the best singer that the world has ever seen with your leather and your spikes and your microphone moves to rival Judas Priest and Accept!
Split Heaven is a band from Mexico, but their vocalist lives in the Seattle area, but Jason is Mexican, so Split Heaven is a Mexican band separated by distance but united by metal. On this album there are 10 songs, eight in English and two in Spanish. The Spanish-language songs are lessons in Spanish, too. This is what traditional heavy metal sounds like in Spanish, which means that it sounds the same as in English because the language changes nothing, metal is metal is metal. Sing it, “Descarga letal! Es puro metal!” Yeah, that’s how it goes and I think your habilidades en español just got a little bit mejor gracias a Split Heaven. As they say in Spanish, “Danke schön, Split Heaven! Es ist gut!” Rock out to Split Heaven, maybe you learn to play guitar or bang it out on the drums. Maybe you can learn to play the bass. You can always be a singer like Jason and front the band. Maybe you can listen to Split and Saxon and proudly steal their lyrics like somebody else I know who just did it.
The album has speedster songs like “Death Rider,” songs that kick up the speed to thrash metal levels and take the vocal screams to higher and higher decibels. The album also anthems like “Battle Axe,” songs that call out to you to join the ranks. I already told you about the Spanish-language songs and I already told you about the attitude of the band. In metal there are always trends that come and go, but for Split Heaven heavy metal is not a trend, it is music that is in their minds and bodies and they live it. If you feel the same way, if you think that way, too, this is a perfect time to look into Split Heaven and listen to what they have made for you. They do this for you, you know?

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