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NEWS: Tarchon Fist

NEWS: Tarchon Fist
Celebration (compilation)
release date: February 5th, 2016
Label: Il Male Produzioni
Below you will find the official information about this traditional heavy metal from Italy.
TARCHON FIST from Italy are on the scene since 2005. They performed lot of shows in their own country and also in Europe including Czech Republic, Austria, England, Switzerland, France, Germany and more. Now in 2015, the guys are releasing their fourth album worldwide. TARCHON FIST are mainly a live band so they work on songs among the concerts. This means that usually needs some time until a new album is ready!
Now the band is proud to announce that the album "Celebration" is finally finished but sadly the former label My Graveyard stopped working because of personal reasons. Pure Steel supports this band because of Tarchon Fist y play a high class Heavy Metal with influences from SETH 13, BLOOD GOD and PRIMAL FEAR without being old fashioned. Fine Metal is never obsolete!
It is quite difficult to set a date for the birth of Tarchon Fist; the group has in fact born and developed in conjunction with a series of events. The core unit was created at the end of March 2005, after the Rain’s severance, the memoralbe italian gruop present in the metal scene from the 1980s, whose guitarist, founder and pieces’ author was Luciano “Lvcio” Tattini. This event coincided with the meeting with Luigi “J.J. Sange” Sangermano, Old Flame singer (Thin Lizzy tribute band, from Milan), and the following involvement of Marco “Wallace” Pazzini (bassist and founder of Basic Dreams, famous band from Bologna born in 1994).
The starting idea was to continue with the Rain project, but this has not been possible because of a serious of adversed situations. Between April and May 2005, two other components added to the initial ones: Andrea“Animal” Bernabeo, drummer graduated at Music Academy (music school from Bologna) and Lucio “Junior” Martelli, one of the best soloist guitarists from Bologna (among others, he was active in a collaboration with Labyrinth’s components). The band tested its capabilities in about ten live concerts between the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006, where it presented the pieces which will be thereafter gathered in the album “Tarchon Fist”; among others “Metal Detector” and “Carved With Fire”; the riff of both pieces were written by Lvcio in the second half of the 80s.
At the end of 2005, the band recorded a promo of two pieces (“It’s My World” and “Eyes Of Wolf”), distributed at the beginning just to the related professionals; Gabriele Ravaglia of Fear Studio in Alfonsine (RA) took care of the mixing. In July 2006 it was decided to use the name TARCHON FIST for this project, and, thanks to the great reply from the media delivery of the two promo pieces, the band started believing more and more in its capabilities. Always in July, the band entered the studio to record the whole album; meanwhile, the first Tarchon Fist Video was produced on the music “Eyes of Wolf” (direction, shots and editing by Iacopo “Jakk” Ghisolfi). Thanks to this video, the band was contacted by the label MY GRAVEYARD PRODUCTIONS from Brescia, and in October 2007 they signed a contract, that has initialled a collaboration active still now. Always in 2007 a promotional DVD was produced (just for related professionals), containing the “Eyes of Wolf “ video, and also some videos of the band’s live performances. The editing of the 11 pieces, which will constitute the new album, have been carried out in Pri Studio (BO) by the guitarist and producer Roberto Priori, and the mix has been devolved upon Marco Barusso, a very well known person in the scene as he has been producer of Gli Atroci and sound engineer of Lacuna Coil. At the same time, the second video on the music “It’s my World” was shot (direction, shots and editing by Simone “Mylo” Zordan).
In September 2007 Junior left the band because of an appealing working opportunity, that brought him to collaboration with a famous Italian pop star. After a ranks’ period, the vacancy has been assigned to Federico “Heavy Rico” Mengoli. On the 10th of January 2008 My Graveyard Productions and Tarchon Fist announced the release of the album “Tarchon Fist”. The band and the label presented their work to the press a day after the Rock’n’Roll of Milan. The album was enriched thanks to the contribution of Clifford Evans (Tank / Paul Di Anno), Alberto Simonini (Crying Steel), Alberto Bergonzoni (GliAtroci) and Ciano (Listeria).
Thanks to the intense live activity and the promotional actions, the new CD was sold like hot cakes, and in a few weeks from the release people were already talking about reprinting. At the same time, the band was already working for the pieces of the following album; in July 2008 a preproduction was carried out at the High Distorsion Level of Luca Gomedi (BO). In that period the first fan club in Brescia was also born; as time goes by, it has than absorbed all the other smaller realities developed at a national level, among others the fan club from Bologna, in order to create one and only organization. In September 2008, the recordings of the new CD started, while between October and November the band prepared to cope with its new tour of about twelve dates. On the 8th of November Tarchon Fist recorded the show for the DVD production in the club Santi Angeli Music House in Giavera del Montello (TV). The video recordings were assigned to NYGMA Soluzioni Web Multimediali (TV), while the audio to High Distorsion Level. During just 4 years of activity, Tarchon Fist has had the opportunity to share the stage with internationally renowned bands, as Girlschool, Crucified Barbara, Tokyo Blade, Helstar, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Manilla Road, Steel Assassin, Vision Divine, Molly Hatchet, Cloven Hoof and Elixir. Moreover, in autumn 2009, Tarchon Fist crossed for the first time the national borders to perform in Switzerland and Germany.
In April 2009, Tarchon Fist started the shoots of the new video on the music “Fighters”(direction, shots and editing by Livio Basoli and Simone Danieli); in the same period the band finished the recordings of the new album. The first editing was once again been assigned to Roberto Priori of Pri Studio and the final mixing to Marco Barusso. The goal was to let the new CD, always for My Graveyard Productions, release at the beginning of October 2009. In spite of the difficult undertaking to release the double CD (20 tracks and 2 videos, besides the unfailing multimedia part), the aim was successfully reached. as Tom Naumann (Primal Fear ex guitarist), Dean Robertson and Rob Weir of Tyger of Pantang were involved; also “Junior” Lucio Martelli, ex guitarist of the band, took part in the realization of the CD.
Always with My Graveyard Productions, Tarchon Fist presented the new album “Fighters” with a double release party (on the 3rd of October 2009 at Olden Live Club in Brescia, and the following day at Sottotetto in Bologna). As the former album, this new one has immediately had great success among the critics, and the sales of the first period have been even more than for the previous album.
Unfortunately, at the end of 2009, J. J. Sange announced his intention of leaving the band because his personal engagements have become incompatible with the intense activity of the group; nevertheless, he will stay together with Tarchon Fist until July of the following year. In mid-June 2010, after several technical difficulties, the DVD “WE ARE THE LEGION” has finally been available to the public, always with My Graveyard Productions. Wit this product, the band would like to pay homage to the rockers all over the world, as the song “Hammer squad” is dedicated to the “hard core”, to the more inveterate supporters as well as TARCHON FIST collaborators. In January 2010, Tarchon Fist begins the auditions for the place left by J.J. Sange. In August, after quite a lot of trials, the vacant place is assigned to mister MIRCO RAMONDO (RAMON), singer from Abruzzi, who has been for years member of cover bands, and who is immediately involved in the recording of three new songs, in the vanguard of a new CD, which the band forecasts for the next future. During the next months the band will stake all the work done in these years. The ambitious purpose is to make that qualitative leap, that just few national groups have managed to do. But this is another story.

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