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NEWS: Primitiv

NEWS: Primitiv
Immortal & Vile
label: Transcending Obscurity Distribution
release: 1 February 2016
The band says that they are not old school death metal, they are primitive death metal. How primitive do they get? Well, below you can listen to the music on Bandcamp and judge for yourself. Just be aware that it is for the death metal diehards totally.
Featuring members of Albatross and Killibrium, Primitiv unearth a form of music that can only be called primitive. One of the most active bands in the live circuit around the country, Primitiv lay waste to poseurs peddling in anything less than catastrophically heavy like they do. Sounding humongous, the music plods powerfully, each step creating shock waves, as the legendary vocalist of the Indian metal scene, Nitin Rajan, growls like a thundering beast. Reverberations of his voice tear through the heart of those residing in his earthly kingdom. Primitiv's debut is about the creation of mankind, amidst dominating creatures, and its ponderous progression towards damnation. The music is as morbid, crude and old school as it can get, and at the same time, it marks a cyclic evolution for the genre as a whole, as it retraces the roots of the genre and sets out afresh to carve a path that's only half as familiar - a second life given to the genre of death metal, set in the primal proto-death/doom period, but finding relevance today in the soulless mechanical era. This is where pure brute force meets suspenseful exploration, and gives new hope for the future of the style.
Primitiv was conceived when Riju Dasgupta and Rajarshi Bhattacharyya (formerly bandmates in Albatross and Workshop) wanted to start a new project together; which was so extremely old school that it was 'primitive'. What started out as a joke has today become an explosive live act, that has gigged across India and has garnered a loyal fanbase in a small amount of time. The current lineup includes Nitin Rajan (Sledge, Morticide), Kiron Kumar (Hellwind, Colossus) and Pushkar Joshi (Blood Meridian), in addition to Dasgupta and Bhattacharyya.
The sound of the band is a vile blend of heavy, doom and death metal. A blend the band likes to call- 'Stone Age Metal'. It is an amalgamation of the varied collective influences of all the members.
Each song is a story in itself, telling the tale of a post-apocalyptic world populated by monsters, machines and magic. And man's place in such a realm.
Primitiv is one of the busiest bands in the Indian Live circuit, having played 20 gigs in 8 different cities, including prestigious gigs like Bangalore Open Air Series, Entombed Metal Fest, Domination: The Deathfest and venues like Blue Frog, Vapour and Hard Rock Cafe.
Debut full length "Immortal and Vile" out on Transcending Obscurity, Jan 2016.
The band has released two singles- 'Taurus' and 'Lords of Primitiv' as a teaser, for the material to follow. Both have become cult underground hits. These singles have been complemented by a collection of live videos on youtube, both official and bootleg.

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