Monday, February 8, 2016

NEWS: Indesiderium

Wanderer of the Abyssal Plains
release date: 2015
label: independent
Recently this publication received this black metal cd. It is the hope that in the future this publication can bring you more information or coverage, but it is time this week to wrap up this issue. For now, just know that this is traditional black metal, from the vocals, the instrumentation and to the production values. Below is some official information. This is black metal from the U.S., from California, according to Metal Archives.
Indesiderium was formed by Atrum Lord in 2012. Indesiderium’s brand of USBM has been forged from the same molten steel as that of the elder Gods...
Indesiderium...formed by lead guitarist Atrum Abbas in the winter of 2012, Indesiderium’s brand of United States Black Metal has been forged from the same molten steel as that of the Ancient Ones. Consisting of age old material spanning the last 15 years, only now has the time come to summon these rituals of blackened diabolical majesty. Having performed in several metal hordes over the years, Atrum made the decision to embark on a one-man journey towards a more darkened isolation. With the assistance of his old comrade and former Gravespawn skins basher Mattias, Atrum has assumed the duty of performing all instruments including vokills. Indesiderium’s inaugural opus of tormented misery shall arrive in the form of an EP entitled “Wanderer of the Abyssal Plain.” Five hymns were composed and are now being rehearsed in a small studio high in the mountains, hours away from the pestilent plague that is Humanity. All Hail the Extinguisher of the White Light...Fuck God, Hail Death! ** "WANDERER OF THE ABYSSAL PLAINS" EP OUT THIS SUMMER**
Atrum Abbas-all guitars, and vocals.
Father Mattias- drums and percussion
**live line-up to be announced**
The recording is:
1.Nocturnal Isolation 03:02
2.No Light 05:54
3.Indesiderium 08:00
4.Letting Go - Ad Finem Vitae 06:46
5.Wanderer of the Abyssal Plains 08:15
total time 31:57

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