Monday, February 15, 2016

NEWS: Atrocious Abnormality

Atrocious Abnormality
Formed in Disgust
label: Comatose Music
release: 4 March 2016
The day of brutality is quickly approaching: "death metal...plain and simple" is how the band describes itself, and they know what they are talking about from years of experience making socially unacceptable disgusting music that metal sickos love. About the new album Metal Music Archives says: "The music on Formed in Disgust is technical brutal death metal. Extremely well played stuff with some prominent bass being a defining feature. The vocals are mostly the deep and indiscernible type common to this style of death metal." In addition, The Metal Observer adds: "Led by guitarist/vocalist Steve Green, the main man behind brutal death metal purveyors Comatose Music, Atrocious Abnormality also features drummer Brent Williams and bassist James O’Neal, all of whom who, to varying degrees, jam in death metal acts Lust of Decay, Lecherous Nocturne, and Cesspool of Vermin. The style here is unabashedly brutal and technical, racing greedily through riffs and sequences while offering the listener only sporadic moments of focal adjustment. The group’s penchant for high-speed pummeling may frustrate those seeking a few more footholds, but fans of acts like Guttural Secrete, Necrotic Disgorgement, Repulsive Dissection, or any other of the subgenre’s leading lead-foots should feel right at home dissecting the record’s profusion of surgical riffery and stunning percussion." Speaking about the new album in an interview with Noise Reduction the band reminds their supporters that: "... We hope that people enjoy the new release “Formed in Disgust”, it took us a very long time to finally get it out there, but we feel it was worth the wait, so we hope you all do too. Also huge thanks to all who have supported Atrocious Abnormality, including labels, promoters, bands, reviewers, interviewers, and especially fans and friends who have been ever so patient with us concerning this new album. We are eternally thankful."
North Carolina death metal machine Atrocious Abnormality are poised to strike with their highly anticipated second full length CD, Formed in Disgust. A punishing follow up to their 2007 debut release Echoes of the Rotting, this new offering is a brutal combination of throat ripping guttural vocals and bowel shredding guitar riffs, together with an onslaught of merciless drumming and a bass bombardment of deadly precision. Ranging from fast technical sections, to slower haunting passages, to pit crushing slam and groove breakdowns, this CD has something for everyone and will satisfy the ravenous hunger of the most discerning death metal cannibals. In addition to this outbreak of sickness, there are also some respectable guest vocalist featured throughout the album to maximize the blasphemous carnage. Artwork for Formed in Disgust by Marco Hasmann. Comatose Music will unleash Formed in Disgust on March 4.
Atrocious Abnormality is a brutal death metal band from Kings Mountain, N.C., formed in Feb. 2006 by Brent Williams, former drummer of such bands as Lust of Decay, Putrilage, Chaosego and more, and Steve Green of Lust of Decay and Comatose Music. After a month or so James O'Neal from Apotheosys and now Lecherous Nocturne was recruited for the bass duties, which he handles quite well! After about a year and a half of writing Atrocious Abnormality entered Sound Lab Studios in Columbia S.C. with engineer Bob Moore in July 2007 to begin recording of the debut full length album "Echoes of the Rotting".

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