Monday, February 15, 2016

NEWS: Assorted Heap

Assorted Heap
The Experience of Horror
label: Vic Records
release: 22 February 2016
This is a reissue for all the maniacs that love to find the cult bands. This is death/thrash from Germany.
Assorted Heap was a cult death / thrash Metal band from Aurich, a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. Their debut demo, "Killing Peace", was recorded in early 1988 and received very good reviews from many underground magazines. In 1991, the band signed a deal with new extreme metal label 1MF records (Torchure, Blood) and recorded their debut album in the Dust Music Studio. The album "The Experience Of Horror" was originally supposed to be just an EP / mini album. The original LP had six tracks, the CD three additional bonus tracks (‘Terrorized Brains’, ‘Grave New World’ and ‘Frisia Non Cantat’). This re-issue features all nine original 1991 recordings plus the demo 1988 as bonus, including two never before released tracks from these same recording sessions. All songs are remastered by Assorted Heap guitars player Klaus Kessemeier. Special guest is S.L. Coe (ex Scanner, ex Angel Dust), backing vocals on ‘Unexpiated Bloodshed’.
Assorted Heap was a cult Death/Thrash Metal band from Aurich, town in Lower Saxony. The band was born from the ashes of T.G.T, band in which the drummer Thomas Marter and the guitarist Gunter Groen militated. In fact, decided to play harder and faster music, they left the band and immediately started looking for other members for their project. They found the singer Dirk Schiemann and the bassist Joachim “Lord” Meyer, who played in the Death Metal band Slaughter. The band started practicing in September 1987 and shortly afterwards developed its own style, based on powerful, fast rhythms and rough, extreme vocals. Made the first recordings, the group members agreed to add a second guitarist to the line-up, in order to make the sound more varied and powerful. So, during a party, they met the guitarist Klaus Kessemeier, who already played in a metal band from Aurich: the line-up was now complete. The first live appearances of Assorted Heap were together with bands like Tankard and Protector. The first demo of the band, "Killing Peace", was produced in a small closet (which was the band's rehearsal room) in early 1988 and received very good reviews from many underground magazines (Black Thorn, Morbid Mag, Aardschok, Metal Hammer ... NL). With this demo, which sold about 400 copies, Assorted Heap earned the first fans in the local metal scene and proposed as one of the most brutal Thrash bands in Europe.
In 1990, following the success of the previous demo, the band decided to record another rehearsal with songs in a live version. In 1991, the band recorded in the DUST MUSIC Studio the debut album, "The Experience Of Horror" (which originally was supposed to be just an EP). The album, produced by SL Coe (Angel Dust, Scanner, Disharmonic Orchestra) and distributed by "1 more flop records", was violent, technical, based on fast drums, aggressive and wild vocals , fast and sharp guitar solos. Assorted Heap didn’t cover topics like Horror and Fantasy: for them the horror of real life was enough, in fact they dealed with themes like drugs, crime and rapes (as evident in the beautiful title-track). The album met a good underground success and allowed the band to be recognized as one of the most brutal of Europe in the Thrash scene. Alive, the band played in Denmark, France and in the Netherlands, supporting famous bands like Atrocity or Pestilence and left for the tour with Paradise Lost. In 1992, the band churned out probably its real masterpiece, "Mindwaves", more varied and technical but less violent and fast than the debut. In any case, "Mindwaves" sold fewer copies than "The Experience Of Horror". In the same year the band played the “Swing of the axe”-tour together with the swedish Edge Of Sanity. But, probably due to problems with the label, the band suddenly broke up in 1992, surprising the loyal fan base that supported them. From the ashes of Assorted Heap BK49 was born, which was short-lived and disbanded in 2003 after two albums that didn’t reach the quality peaks of outstanding albums as "Mindwaves" and "The Experience Of Horror".

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