Monday, February 1, 2016


Harlequin (U.S.)
This week I would like to tell you about a sicko bunch of degenerates who play a certain form of extreme metal that is called … wait for it… “menstrual death metal”!! Ha, and you thought that you had heard all the metal genres! I would like to give lots and lots of information about this band, but I am running out of time for this week’s issue to be completed. Plus, I cannot seem to find much information about the band’s activities as of late, but I will give the following official information from the band. Say “hello” to my little friend called “menstrual death metal”! Visit their page and tell them to post more about their recent activities because inquiring minds want to mosh.
“In the Summer of 2009, Harlequin initiated as a two piece 'garage hobby' band between Drummer Neyda Umana and Tawny Arredondo. Unbeknownst to them at the time, their small jam band would soon find Rachel Solis on bass and Kiyoe Krista Fluker on guitar....thus creating the well established, strong willed group of passionate musicians that Harlequin is, today.
Drawn from an array of influences and styles, Harlequin is a death metal myriad of styles reminiscent of brutal, melodic, technical and black metal. Their music conveys numerous sounds and characteristics with everything from obscure time signatures and dramatic tempo changes to sheer brutality and mood swings. Hence their self proclaimed genre MENSTRUAL DEATH METAL."

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