Friday, February 26, 2016

free metal from Brazil: Dark Devotion

Dark Devotion (Brazil)
release date: January 4th, 2016
label: independent
This is a solid EP of melodic extreme metal with a good sense for songwriting, very keen on the songs themselves. The sound quality is that of a strong demo and it's definitely listenable, even though it's not as clear as I'm sure the band would like. The music is both melodic and symphonic, with a melodic black metal vibe to it, but with gruff vocals. Metal Archives shows that the band began in 2015 and the band's Facebook page sadly offers nothing in the way of a biography or history of the band, so there's no way to know the history of the band at the moment. Metal Archives provides the following membership: Guilherme Ballas (bass),Gustavo Dörr (drums), Otávio Darr (guitars), Guilherme Lima (guitars, vocals). The recording is really three songs because the third track is not a song, but an atmospheric sound experiment. Overall, this free recording is promising on the strength of the songwriting and the execution of the songs. Of course, it is early in the trajectory of the band, but one can hear that there is potential here and that's what it's all about: show that you have something going for yourself, show where you are going. They do that and that's a very good reason to check them out now.
1.Loss 05:28
2.Leave the Past Behind 03:36
3.Marcha Fúnebre 04:46 instrumental
4.Grief, Pain and Despair 06:30
total time 20:20

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