Wednesday, February 3, 2016

free black/death metal: Aforism (Greece)

Aforism (Greece) has a couple of recordings available for free at Bandcamp, as you can see below. The recordings are solid, promising demo-level works that will appeal to the enthusiasts that love exploring new recordings and bands. Aforism is music that puts the songs first. It's uptempo extreme metal with dark melodies. The music probably sounds closer to black metal than anything else, and the guitar work has hooks for the listeners to gravitate towards. Below you will find information about the recordings, the bio and a statement.
BIO: Aforism were formed in Athens, Greece/Hellas by Δάμων (Damon) - officially/typically - at the end of 2014 as a one man project . Their musical style is or at least is attempted to be tragic black* metal. Their lyrical themes are influenced by art and philosophy and are about the human condition/experience. Aforism's first release was a demo entitled “Torturer Of All”, which came out in late January of 2015. A year later in the first days of 2016, is released a split EP with Constrictor entitled “No Night To Sleep”. The next goal for Aforism is the release of their first full-length album some time in late 2016/early 2017, in the style of “Torturer Of All”. All of Aforism's releases – the first two in free digital form - can be found in their official channel in youtube, and bandcamp page.
It's a long statement but check it out.
Because of the recent reviews for “No Night To Sleep” - for all of which I am honestly and deeply thankful - and hopefully those yet to come, I have to clarify some things and take full responsibility for the misconception of my project's genre, even though I don't have to. My two songs in the split with Constrictor, “Lone Shadow” and “Terror – The Catharsis”, were written in Spring and Summer of 2013 in my pre-black era and are quite older than those in “Torturer Of All” (demo 2015). This means that my part as Aforism in NNTS is not purely black metal but (melodic) blackened death. So there is a difference in the structures and the style that doesn't quite align with the main style of Aforism. My songs in NNTS were selected in tribute to my past, my influences ( like Death) and my younger work that didn't have the chance to be released in its time. What will come next will be closer to Torturer Of All. Regarding the drums in NNTS, it's no secret that are programmed and not realistic enough in some parts. This decision was made due to lack of money and time – and not of comprehension... see what I did there? ^^ - and not because of lack of will for more work on my craft. In the future you shall await something way better, this is not an apology, this is a promise first of all to me and then to anyone who likes and listens to my work.
All of the above been said, I'd like to give an idea about the future of Aforism. Knowing what I have already written and what I desire and will probably write in the coming months, I have to define my style. Aforism were never a “full” or “pure” black metal project either of Norwegian or of Hellenic tradition, and I don't think that they will ever be. I will attempt to create and write , as long as I need to and desire, “tragic black metal”. With the term “tragic black metal” or even better “tragic black” , I imagine a style of music with elements of the black metal aesthetic, melodic and dramatic (especially the vocals), with a variety of influences within and beyond the metal scene, behind it. My tragic black will not be about how much heavy or extreme, how cult or raw ( and crappy), or depressive, or dark, or nihilistic or minimal, or romantic etc. one can be. Tragic black, at least that, that I will attempt to create/write, will be about the whole of human condition/experience and the tragedy of it. My tragic black will rise above all political propaganda and its narrow anti-art and militant logic, above judo-Christian humanism and morality. When the time and the money is right, I will try to make all of the above and more, a reality, by releasing my first full length album possibly in this year!
Tragic black might be a work in progress and at some point change a bit as all things do, it might fail, It might get lost in this saturated by projects era , it might be in vain but for now the dream, the coming dawn is tragic and black. Until then, spread the suffering!
Thanks to anyone who read the whole thing.
Torturer of All
release date: January 24th, 2015
1.A Moment of Bliss 05:56
2.Vision I - Beauty 08:36
3.The Eternal Scream 05:26
total time 19:58
No Night to Sleep
Aforism / Constrictor split
release date: January 1st, 2016
1.Aforism - Terror - The Catharsis 05:59
2.Aforism - Lone Shadow (Crack of Skies) 06:13
3.Constrictor - You Had No Night to Sleep 05:18
4.Constrictor - Στο Λυκόφως Ενός Τρόμου (In the Twilight of a Terror) 05:18
total time 22:48

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