Sunday, February 21, 2016

free black thrash: Crypter

Crypter is filthy thrash from Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S. They say that they are currently recording some new music, but not much details are available yet. According to Metal Archives, they started in 2009 and this is their discography: "Out of the Crypt" (2009 demo); "Suffer the Hands of Filth" (2014 album); "Cutthroats from Hell" (2014 live album). At Bandcamp you will find ""Suffer the Hands of Filth" available for free. The recording is a good, demo-quality recording that indeed shows that this is dirty thrash, raw music built upon the fundamentals: straightforward songs, quick-impact energy, riffs and energetic drumming and angry vocals. The vocals are closer to black metal, actually. You can call it old school extreme metal or black thrash or filthy metal or anything along those lines. For most listeners into this style of music, this will sound interesting, although now the question is probably whether they can improve upon the sound quality a bit. It sounds like real music played by real people, and that's very positive. It sounds real, and it's difficult not appreciate the attitude of the band, really. They have the songs, they have the right perspective and they have their hearts in the right place. All very positive, indeed. Maybe the band will do more updates about the current recording so that we can hear how the new music is going. Friends into extreme metal and independent bands, check this band out and see what you think. This music will keep you occupied until we hear the new songs.

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