Monday, February 1, 2016

free black metal: Wrang

Wrang (Holland)
Demo 2015
One free recording that might be interesting to black metal fanatics is Wrang from Holland. The band is rather traditional extreme metal and they get down to business quickly and they are all business: metal to bang your head. The following is the information.
"Wrang is a Black Metalband from Utrecht with members which are/were active in Weltschmerz, White Oak, Soulecy and Deliterious.
The first idea's for Wrang are already ancient but in 2014 things got finally serious. And here we are, end 2015 nearly 2016 with a full band and some sonic filth. Wrang is not a band with an ingenius concept or pretentious philosophical content. Wrang is about playing raw music and releasing negativity onto the audience! At live shows Wrang will be joined by Mercur (ex-White Oak, Iron Harvest) and W. Damiaen (ex-White Oak, Laster, Willoos) to make maximum impact possible!"

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