Tuesday, February 9, 2016

free black heavy metal: Rebel Wizard

Rebel Wizard
Invocation of the Miserable Ones
release: 11 December 2015
label: independent
On Bandcamp this Australian entity has several recordings available for free/name your price, including this one.
Rebel Wizard is heavy metal music, with its own particular twist. It is a combination of black metal vocals and traditional heavy metal riffs/hooks/melodies, with a necro black metal production. On this recording, Rebel Wizard has asked the question: Isn’t black metal another form of heavy metal? Is black metal another form of hipster postrock, emo djent and postpunk core sludge space rock stuff? Well, is it? Is it headbanging metal music? Rebel Wizard has answered in the affirmative, with traditional metal riffs that you might recognize as Judas Priest/Accept/Running Wild or any other band that plays heavy metal in a proud way. This is heavy metal because there is such a thing as real metal music, even though your politically correct friends try to argue that “anything” can be metal. No, Rebel Wizard is metal. Hipsters doing emo vocals and core djent space rock? Not so much.
C’mon, is this how Rebel Wizard really feels? Well, how else would you explain these headbanging riffs? How to explain these in-your-face hooks? Just listen to “On the Unknown Self They Ride” and tell me that you don’t hear the classic heavy metal laying down the law! Where does that come from, if not from the fountain of classic heavy metal?
Here is another important question: Are you intolerant of homemade metal music? Do you listen to metal that does not have the big-budget fancy production? This matter of the sound quality is an important issue, and if you don’t listen to demos and self-financed recordings, then you probably will not like Rebel Wizard. Of course, if you hate necro black metal vocals, then Rebel Wizard might not be for you, either.
In summary, on this recording Rebel Wizard sounds like homemade necro black heavy metal. That’s my story, and I’m sticking it to it.
official information about Rebel Wizard
Melbourne based blackened heavy metal band REBEL WIZARD are pleased to announce the release of their latest EP Invocation of the Miserable Ones. The EP is 4 tracks combining the sound of traditional heavy metal with atmospheric black metal, and is best described as a mix of Usurper, Aura Noir, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.
This solo project of Australian musican Nekrasov originally started in 2013 with a self-titled demo but in 2015 saw a rush of activity with a total of 5 EPs being released on either cassette or digital format. Despite only self-releasing, the band has already received positive press from Metalsucks, No Clean Singing and Invisible Oranges
Rebel Wizard is a project of Australian musician Nekrasov (Who also releases black metal music under his own name). The music which he describes as "New wave of Negative Metal" or "Negative Wizard Metal" is fairly unique in an era where metal in the underground tends to be more conservative. The music combines a range of styles but is best described as "blackened traditional heavy metal". The project takes the old-school, hooky sounds of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and combines it with the blistering speed and darkness of Aura Noir and Usurper.
discography (according to Metal Archives)
Rebel Wizard Demo 2013
The Way of the Negative Wizard EP 2015
Miserable Mythical Creatures EP 2015
Only the Negative Will Save Us EP 2015
Negative Wizard Metal EP 2015
Invocation of the Miserable Ones EP 2015

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