Monday, February 1, 2016

free atmospheric symphonic black metal: Scarlet Sonata

Scarlet Sonata (USA)
In the Dead of Night (demo 2015)
This is a free recording: "atmospheric / Symphonic Black Metal project (currently solo) originated in Saint Paul MN." Below you will find the relevant information about the music. Listen to it and if you like it, get in touch with Scarlet Sonata!
"Fast, Epic, Splendorous, Beautiful, Ambient, Orchestral, Operatic, Nocturnal, Ghastly....
In the Dead of Night is the first album of atmospheric / Symphonic black metal project Scarlet Sonata, founded by solo artist Tyler Whittaker. This record is made up of songs that all have their own sound due to being recorded at different times making it unique and serving it variety. The album was named after Finnish symphonic black metal band "In Silentio Noctis" (Latin for in the dead of night). There is no particular concept, it celebrates in ambivalence all things unhallowed and mysterious, beautiful and bewitchingly elegant, fierce and grim. Feast your hearts upon it!"

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