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Experiment of Existence
Unspeakable Axe / Dark Descent
Release: 4 March 2016
When a band sounds hungry to prove themselves, that can be a very exciting time! Look to Ripper to hear exactly what that means now.
genre: tight, riffing thrash with extreme metal vocals similar to “Beneath the Remains”-era Sepultura, “Agent Orange”-era Sodom and other similar voices
instrumentation: the riffs grab the attention big time; the bass guitar is easy to hear and lively; the band works very well as a complete entity
vocals: definitely not the punk-like screaming, but rather the death/thrash fast-delivery extreme metal vocals; the vocals fit the music very well in style and also in the music-vocals phrasings, patterns and syllabification/enunciation
production: very good for this style; everything is audible and sounds good
songwriting: fast songs for headbanging, moshing, stage diving and fist raising; immediate impact achieved; no multiple listens needed to figure out what’s going on; it’s real metal, with no nonsense
general assessment: Those searching headbanging metal that is very much dedicated to creating thrash that immediately sounds ambitious in the sense of seeking to make an album that is professional, creative and inspired by the classics, should consider giving Ripper a real chance. The album deserves to be heard by thrash and extreme metal people who want to hear something that sounds great and fun. It seems like so much metal recently does not have actual riffs and playing slow is fashionable, but those listeners that want to bang their heads may not be enjoying all that slow poke stuff of late. That’s where Ripper makes the difference. No worries about all that hipster emo post-rock or whatever, it’s metal by metalheads for metalheads. This band also has a very good energy going for it and the album maintains the quality throughout. The soloing, the shredding, the riffs and hungry metal vibe contribute greatly towards making the album a convincing effort.
caveat: It is common for the old folks to criticize young thrash bands for not being original or creative and for copying the old classic thrash bands. Those people that are just burnt out or jaded will probably not be convinced by Ripper, although if there are young bands that really don’t deserve the above criticism it would be Ripper because they are very good at what they do. People who don’t like headbanging metal for whatever reason should also avoid Ripper because this is not a game. This is a band ready to stand and deliver thrashing metal with pride.
official band information: “Experiment of Existence from Death Thrashers RIPPER will be out March 4, 2016 on CD from Unspeakable Axe Records, and on LP from Dark Descent Records.
Some of extreme metal's classic acts have had simple, one-word names that told you just what to expect from them: DISMEMBER. DEATH. SLAYER. Add to that list Chilean death/thrashers RIPPER whose debut album - released just in 2014 and then swiftly reissued by Iron Pegasus in 2015 - was exactly as advertised: a destructive barrage of thrash riffs and beats in the Teutonic and South American mold, with harsh vocals in the Mille Petrozza vein and ridiculously technical bass-playing a la Steve Di Georgio as bonuses.
Now in 2016, this young band will follow it with their new full-length, Experiment of Existence. With more advanced songwriting and somehow even tighter playing, but without losing any of the aggression and speed, this is as good as death/thrash metal gets. Featuring 11 tracks total and amazing, detailed artwork by Paolo Girardi (Craven Idol, Power Trip, Blasphemophagher, and others), Experiment of Existence is a likely best-of-2016 album for anyone who loves thrash that is old school but not "Retro" in quotation marks and capital letters, and anyone who loves thrash that skirts as close as possible to the edge of death.”
Ripper Demo 2008
Destroy the World Demo 2009
The Exit Demo 2010
From Prison Hell Compilation 2011
South American Thrash Death Assault Split 2013
Fatal Memories EP 2013
Raising the Corpse Full-length 2014
Experiment of Existence Full-length 2016
the album:
1.Magnetic Solar Storms 04:18
2.Anthropophagic Life 04:07
3.Experiment of Existence 04:29
4.Anatomy of the Galaxies 05:28
5.Stellar Evolution 06:02
6.The Alpha Orionis 04:48
7.Rotten Dreams 03:09
8.Chromatic Fantasy 01:18
9.Neuronal Unity 03:48
10.Spherical Energy 04:05
11.Humanity Was Wrong 04:03
total time 45:35
RIPPER - "Neuronal Unity" (Unspeakable Axe Records)

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