Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Vic Records
release: 22 February 2016
(Metal Archives gives November 14th, 2014 as the original release date)
genre: traditional, fast song-centered death metal
instrumentation: the guitars and the drumming are solid; the guitar soloing really stands out; the riffs are often memorable while also fast
vocals: traditional death metal growling
production: good, upfront sound quality; not too clicky; sounds like real instruments
songwriting: despite the intense music the band is attentive to making songs that the death metal listener can understand
general assessment:
The band finds a balance between the uptempo and often blasting death metal barrage, on one hand, and compositions that are actual songs, from the perspective of the death metal audiences, on the other. Regardless of the fact that not much information is available in terms of the band members’ past musical endeavors, the album exemplifies the sound of experience and vision. For the death metal supporter that seeks bands that know what they are doing, bands that are past the novelty aspect of extreme metal, that know how to play extreme metal while also writing songs to remember, this album is one to watch out for. The name may be new and the band may not be well known, but the songs make it abundantly clear that the hands of experience are at work in the various elements that are necessary for a good death metal album, from playing skills to vocals, from sound quality to songwriting. Consider for instance how the band uses melody. Of course, this band is not “melodic death metal” in any way and there are no emo elements whatsoever, but underneath the tough-as-nails death metal muscle, there are songs for rocking out, and the observant listener will quickly notice the quality.
caveat: The growling is an element that the death metal diehards should focus on to determine whether it fits their preferences. There are many types of growling, and some styles may or may sound good, depending on the death metal tendencies at hand. Here, it is gruff, aggressive, upfront (not low and murmured, for instance) and the vocals knock right at the ears, declaring their obnoxious presence.
band information:
“New Dutch extreme metal band PROCREACTION. Procreation started in 2012 as a deathmetal side project merely for the sake of fun. Wilfred (drums) and Richard (guitar) started working on some ideas and asked Mark (bass / vocals) and Ronald (guitar, ex Beyond Belief, ex Stone in Egypt)) to join. With deathmetal as a main reference point, some black- and thrashmetal influences also found their way in Procreation’s music. With the current line up enough material was written for a full length debut, ‘Ghostwood’, which is mastred by Fredde at Dirty Bird Studios (Massive Assault, Buring Hatred, Anarchos). ‘Ghostwood’ is destined to be a supernational themed concept album about the dark side within us all.”
track list:
1.Killing Culture
2.Menelik, the Sovereign
3.The Frenzy Is Tideless
4.Violent Rays
6.The Cycle in Black
7.Death Is My Beat
8.Reflections (of a Dying World) instrumental
9.Can't Stop the Bleeding

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