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NEWS: Ravensire

The Cycle Never Ends
label: Cruz Del Sur Music
release: 12 February 2016
The new year will begin with some good traditional heavy metal. Ravensire is big on the almighty riff, the riff that is all about the fist-raising, headbanging anthems of battle, mystery and myth. The album is not available yet, but for now, while we wait, here is some information about the band, its history and about the new album.
Cruz De Sur Music welcomes on its roster Portuguese Epic Metal Heroes RAVENSIRE! RAVENSIRE’s sound is genuinely devoted to the likes of OMEN, old MANOWAR, and BROCAS HELM. Formed around 2010, RAVENSIRE have built a strong reputation in the European Underground Metal movement with their two previous albums Iron Will (2012) and We March Forward (2013). Both albums have been highly acclaimed by Epic Metal fans, giving the band the boost to improve even further the songwriting process on their third opus The Cycle Never Ends.
From the cover artwork (strongly recalling John Buscema’s black and white art for the “Savage Sword of Conan” 70s comic - an appropriate reading to get along with Ravensire’s music!) to each one of the eight songs, “The Cycle Never Ends” shows the band’s reaching maturity through an astonishing intense performance, leaving no place for weakness.
Among more direct tracks such as the opener “Cromlech Revelations” and “Crosshaven” the album’s highlight is definitely the “White Pillars” trilogy, “a monumental epic piece connected to the history of Sintra, famed city not far from Lisbon. At the coastline, archaeologists dig the ruins of a watchtower built in the 16th century. Contemporary manuscripts mention that, at the time, ancient written stones had been found (part I, “Eternal Sun“). Under the ruins, they find the remains of a Moorish settlement, once subdued by the invading army of King Sigurd of Norway in the beginning of the 12th century (part II, “Blood and Gold”). Finally, among the stones of the Moorish walls, the archaeologists find Roman altars and stones belonging to an ancient temple dedicated to the Sun, the Moon and the Ocean (part III, “Temple at the End of the World”).
Definitely recommended for fans of OMEN and old MANOWAR!
The Cycle Never Ends will be released on compact disc, vinyl and digital.
Track List:
1 - Cromlech Revelations
2 - Crosshaven
3 - Solitary Vagrant
4 - Procession of the Dead
5 - Trapped in Dreams
6 - White Pillars Trilogy: Part I - Eternal Sun
7 - While Pillars Trilogy: Part II - Blood and Gold
8 - White Pillars Trilogy: Part III - Temple at the End of the World
Below is information from the band's bio:
To pinpoint the exact moment RAVENSIRE started is an impossible task! Nuno Mordred (guitars) had been busy creating riffs and musical patterns for quite some time when the idea to join ranks with Rick (bass guitar) came over a few beers. But, unfortunately, conflicting schedules and turmoil in their personal lives brought things to a halt for a while.
A few years later, Nuno Mordred was having some fun jamming with F (drums) who was playing guitar back then. Although these sessions were purely for fun (and had nothing to do with RAVENSIRE), Nuno Mordred talked with F about his and Rick's ideas for a band and what they were aiming for. F got so interested in the concept that he decided to start playing drums from scratch!
So, with the spinal cord of RAVENSIRE already formed, it was time to develop consistency and get the beast rolling. It took some weeks to consolidate the backbone of the songs and to have fun while playing pure HEAVY METAL! During this time, Zé Gomes (vocals) and Zé RockHard (guitar) started hanging out at the rehearsals, and It didn't take long to realize that they were the ideal partners to finish RAVENSIRE's line up.
Influenced by legends like IRON MAIDEN, old MANOWAR, MERCYFUL FATE, OMEN, BROCAS HELM, ALKATEYA, HEAVY LOAD (among many others) and contemporary heroes like SLOUGH FEG, DOOMSWORD, SKULLVIEW, THE LAMP OF THOTH, to name a few, RAVENSIRE aims to deliver its Heavy Metal raw and passionate, the way it's meant to be!
Iron Will EP 2012
We March Forward Full-length 2013
Centaurean / Drawing the Sword Split 2013
The Cycle Never Ends Full-length 2016
RAVENSIRE - "Temple at the End of the World" (Cruz Del Sur Music)

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