Saturday, January 16, 2016

Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum (India)
Legions Awake
release: April 26th, 2015
label: independent
It seems that here in the U.S. the band Inner Sanctum is a new name to many metal audiences. The band gives the following short description:
"The story so far... Inner Sanctum was formed in the early months of 2007. Chintan and Michael, the founder members having played with each other for several years decided to join forces and form a band that would best express their influences in music. Tejas who previously played for Premonition was roped in as the second guitar player. In search of a drummer and vocalist the trio auditioned several but zeroed in on Abhinav (ex Illusion) and Gaurav, thus completing the line up."
In general, these are the elements of Inner Sanctum:
style: groove metal; similar to Lamb of God
instrumentation: groove-centered, uptempo pounding rhythms; generally uptempo, aggro feel
vocals: semi-comprehensible thick growling in the style of Lamb of God
production: modern metal, pro-level quality
general assessment:
Grooves and aggro rhythms are the main focus. Inner Sanctum will appeal to a much wider cross section of the mainstream metal public that goes for the aggro sounds, speaking broadly in a range that includes Lamb of God, Pantera or Slipknot or latter-day Slayer. They prefer to keep pounding hard, keep chugging hard. It appears that the album has been well received by the metal press in India and in other places. You can listen to the complete album on Bandcamp.
1.Incipiens 01:54
2.Wake of Destruction 04:28
3.Reflections of the Past 04:36
4.Realms of Oblivion 03:39
5.Legions Awake 04:34
6.Tainted Soils 04:36
7.March of the Wounded 05:48
8.Existence Denied 05:48
9.Guardian 05:18
total time 40:41

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