Saturday, January 9, 2016

free: thrash: Maniac Abductor

Maniac Abductor
Thrash Assault
release date: November 28th, 2015
(free recording)
Maniac Abductor is traditional, ripping thrash with the foot full on the pedal. Thrashers are gonna mosh, and the recording is free! Here is some information about the band.
“Thrash Metal band from Joensuu, Finland. This is the debut release of the North Karelian thrashers! This Demo EP will make you wish it would be the 80's again! The riffage is in your face, the drums will make your heart go to cardiac arrest, the bass is meaty as fuck, and the lyrics diverse from beer-flooded pit to the problems and idiocity of modern day society! LET'S GET MANIAC!
1.Thrash Assault 02:54
2.Privacy for Sale 03:40
3.First World Disease 04:42
total time 11:16

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