Wednesday, January 6, 2016

free thrash EP: Under the Blade

Under the Blade (free)
Under the Blade
release: August 14th, 2015
label: independent
Under the Blade is aggressive, sharp thrash with growled vocals. They have a free/name-your-price recording that sounds genuine and honest. It’s not a demo/garage recording, either. It’s a solid thrash recording that will interest diehard thrashers. Below is more information about this band from Finland.
July 2014, at that time the band was formed by Heekki, Jouni and Pepe. First rehearsals they started with the covers and a little bit later band started to compose own material. Vocalist Kirsi joined to band at Fall 2014. Lasse H. was the session guitarist on "Under The Blade" EP. All members have years of experience in live shows from previous or current bands.
1.Hell's Resurrection 04:44
2.Infidels Must Die! 02:05
3.Unnecessary Bastards 03:32
4.Prisoners Promise 03:48
5.Herd Stupidity 04:39
total time 18:48
Kirsi - vocals
Pepe - guitar
Juri - guitar
Peachy - drums
Heekki – bass

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