Saturday, January 9, 2016

free: extreme metal: In Glorious March

In Glorious March
Path of Valor
release: October 17th, 2015
Learn more about this 50-minute album by this band from Greece. It is a free recording.
‘Founded in 2012 in Ioannina Greece, by Blastblitz, Fovos and Nikonas T. After some months G.S. and Vasilis P. joined the band to fulfil the places of rythm guitar and bass guitar. In December of 2012 the band started recording their first full length album wich contains 8 tracks of extreme metal, featuring a combination of black, thrash and melodic elements. At the moment the band released their first EP with the title "Wholeness Of War" and currently is looking for live events to promote their music and a record deal to release their debut album "Path Of Valor"

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