Saturday, January 23, 2016

free extreme metal: Afrobomination

Space Motherfuckers from Space (2015)
This is a free recording. It is homemade, garage-style extreme metal. Regrettably, not much information is available and said information is unreliable. It could be a joke. Afrobomination may not be three brothers with fros. It could be some kid from Bellevue, Washington state who has been watching too much BET and listening to old Celtic Frost. Maybe it’s a middle school metal kid from Tokyo, Japan who thinks fros are cool.
The official information is as follows: “From the deep chasms of space comes AFROBOMINATION to bring doom & blackness to the masses. Afrobomination is Afro Metal from space. They are black as the night, have huge afros, and they are a threat to NASA. They call their style "Afro Crust".”
discography: Space Motherfuckers (demo) 2014
Fröst of the Frözen Frö EP 2015
Space Motherfuckers from Space 2015
Space Motherfuckers from Space
release: December 31st, 2015
1.I'm Black 02:35
2.Iron Claw 04:21
3.Afro of Death 03:29
4.You're Whack 02:43
5.The Afro-pick of Funk 03:40
6.Fro-pick Wielder 03:42
7.Fuck You, I'm Black 02:55
8.The Power of Funk 04:36
9.Hail Master Motherfucker 04:17
10.Afro Assault 03:21
11.Chronic-Ills of the Motherfucker 04:43
12.Mystic Motherfuckers 03:38
13.Black Steele 04:44
14.Afro Metal Command 03:21
15.Rims of Steele 03:25
16.Afronihilation 01:38
17.Sathanas Afromous 03:30
18.Galactic Rampage 03:03
19.Afro Noise 03:10
20.We Are the Fro 04:42
21.Tales of the Macabre (Slaughter [Canada] cover) 03:39
22.To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Have a Fro! (Entombed cover) 03:11
total time 01:18:23

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